Ideological Brainwashing of British Youth?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Condottiere, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Agreed!

    But what justifies taxpayer funded incompetence, political ideology, teacher apathy and lack of ethical focus in schools?
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  2. Totally agreed!

    Can we extend that to political indoctrinnation too?
  3. The NASUWT.
  4. Just them? Is the NUT no longer around?
  5. A rose by any other name would be as useless.
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  6. Whats needed is to bring back the cane, slipper and belt in the classroom especially for the girls!

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  7. Except religious taxpayers?
  8. Corporal punishment was widespread in my old secondary - used by many of the teachers (lay as well as the brothers). At one stage in the second form, I was probably up in front of the head or deputy head for the cane at least once a week. I wasn't overly enamoured of it - so I did try to avoid getting caught. The head was nick-named "Boss" and was tall heavy-set Northern-Irish monk who glided about in a long cassock with a cane up his sleeve, which used to magically appear like a light-sabre when he surprised any boys up to no good. He could have been the inspiration for Darth Vader!

    However I still sometimes fondly think of Sister Sheila, a stern, full-breasted nun with a piercing look and withering invective who appeared to quite enjoy giving recalcitrant boys a good thrashing. Odd thing was she was quite fit for her age (probably around forty-five to fifty) and wore relatively form-fitting black or grey tops (always buttoned up to the collar) and black or grey knee length skirts. She had to revert to using her real name instead of her "nun's name" - which being Emanuelle provoked a good deal of merriment when the movies of the same name came out. Though she was still nick-named "Manny".

    I think I'll end this here before it descends into NAAFI Bar territory.
  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    No, please carry on...
  10. No doubt the male teachers that caned you got a hard on and wanted bum you afterwards

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  11. No, it doesn't change a thing that some are religious. There will be taxpayers who are members of the Mickey Mouse Club - should we be teaching DE (Disney Education) too?
  12. I remember Sister Bernadette who was 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide with a ferocious right hook and always thumped you in the same place - on your arm just below the shoulder. We sat in those double desks with the seat that you had to lift to stand up and one day she hit the girl in front of me so hard that she ricocheted off the girl beside her and sent her flying out her side of the desk. Most of the nuns in my day still wore the full habit, full length to the floor and long veils with the massive rosary beads which a few found alternative uses for such as walking up and down the class swinging them like a lasoo and then flick the crucifix down onto the back of your hand if you weren't paying attention.

    Reverting to the point about religious schools - I teach in a Catholic boys school where all students regardless of their religion are expected to participate in religious services such as Mass. RE is taught as a subject and includes all faiths equally. There is no opt clause for any student which is made clear to parents before admission. There is a substantial number of students of the Muslim faith who sit and stand in Mass with the rest of the students; the only exception is that students who are not baptised do not recieve Confession. Their parents chose the school because of its 'values' as well as its firm code of discipline - granted none of them would be of the 'full face beard, little hat and hook instead of a hand' variety.
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  13. Does your school receive any state funding?
  14. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    my old man was taught by sadistic nuns and he never forgot them,one can only wonder why they were so my guess is they were bitter people who had few other job prospects ,if what is happening now with regards historic abuse surely some of these people need a visit,.....a vile, disgusting, evil religion imo...religion is prison of the mind and the yanks have got something right if they don't allow it to be taught in schools.
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  15. Blaming god for the failings of man! ! Mong

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