Ideological Brainwashing of British Youth?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Condottiere, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Good article I've picked up in the Telegraph about the current state of history teaching in the UK. A subject quite dear to me.

    "Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools. - The educational elite is indoctrinating the young and Education Secretary Michael Gove must be allowed to change it."

    By Jago Pearson, 5:53PM GMT 11 Jan 2014.

    "Michael Gove is right. My time studying History at school and university was dominated by Left-wing thinking. Consciously or subconsciously, the educational elite indoctrinates a generation of young people. The dominance of the Left is deep-rooted and for all to see, especially when it comes to the teaching of history. I write as a 21-year-old graduate of History and Politics, just six months out of university............."

    Link: Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools - Telegraph

    Right-wing scare-mongering, or an accurate reflection of the modern day ills of British academia?

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  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Both! It just points out that there (at least) are two sides to each argument.
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  3. I'd be more worried about the references and source material used to teach.

    I studied the Crimean War at GCSE. The work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole was lauded, the inept and out-of-touch British Army officers belittled. We watched The Charge of the Light Brigade, the 1968 film portraying the incompetence of the British military leadership.

    Thrown into my course was the tale of the Cold War world and the escapades of the "brutal neo-colonialist Americans", not least during that brutal proxy war in Indochina.

    We watched Apocalypse Now in class when studying that conflict,

    We would listen to Black American music in the classroom, encouraged to pay particular attention to the lyrics as a means of comprehending the race struggle.

    I had an entire final year module devoted to The Beatles and their impact on Sixties social change,

    I remember my history lessons being slightly different and I certainly don't remember using a Hollywood film as a basis for historical reference!
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  4. He states his A level History teacher was an Anarchist (self proclaimed) calling for the dismantling of "Liberal society"... certainly a far right position... all anarchists are extreme right wingers.

    Secondly, of course teachers are left leaning, just as soldiers are right leaning (not far right, but tend to be rightists nonetheless) it comes with the territory. The sky is blue and grass is green is another revelation.
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  5. yes, its pretty par for the course. if it was brain washing then we wouldnt have any right wing historians would we? but the headline "academia leans to the left" isnt exactly shocking.
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  6. 'Scuse me?
  7. Shouldn't that be left-right-left-rightists?


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  8. TBH anarchist do have their version of the Judean peoples front as well as the peoples front of Judea :) less "traditional" but still anarchists
  9. Individuals over society, no rules, independence are right wing ideals. Central control, redistribution and subservience to the state are left wing. Anarchists are by definition right wing. The anarchists you see on TV protesting are actually left wing activists, anarchists couldn't organise anything, no central control you see.
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  10. One man, one teaching style, one opinion. Well that's it then. He must be right, burn them, burn them all. Or not...
  11. Historically, anarchists were extreme left wingers and most still are. The various Black Bloc movements, for example.

    There are some extreme libertarians, beyond minarchists, who would be considered anarchists. If you just take the American example, libertarianism is a right-of-the-Tea-Party situation. American left-wingers are massively statist. However, in countries with less extreme politics, you get both left and right wing libertarians. In the UK, there are both free-market libertarians (who will usually call themselves 'classical liberals') and cooperative / kibbutz "down with the man" lefty libertarians.
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  12. coughcough
  13. Have a look at the "political compass" site. This allows you to split between "left versus right" and "libertarian versus authoritarian".

    Edited to add: I take the test from time to time. They do update the questions and sometimes put in special ones for major elections. This is what I got this time (which is reasonably consistent):

    Moderately right wing, medium to strong libertarian.
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  14. Gove has fallen into the trap of thinking history should be his version rather than the facts.
    History pretty blood soaked and full of fairly dubious actions.
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