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I've recently had a string of junk mail for some joker who does not and has never lived at Cpunk Towers. I've been merrily chucking it in the bin, but the ever lovely Mrs Cpunk has suggested we might be getting done over by some identity thief: any thoughts on what to do?
It's entirely possible. You could write 'Return to sender - not known at this address' on the front of each envelope and put them in a post box. You then have to rely on Royal Mail delivering them back. Alternatively, shred them. It depends a little on the nature of the mail - anything vaguely official or financial would set alarm bells ringing for me, particularly if the person had never lived there.

Of course it could just be an address error. A friend of mine got two lots of mail from his mortgage lender - one for him and one for a near neighbour. The lender took months to correct the error which is terrible for something so important.

If you feel worried, send the letters back in a fresh envelope with a covering note requesting that the sender change their records.
These days it's quite possible. A piece of misaddressed mail is one thing, but a lot of it repeatedly is another.

Is the mail of a business or personal nature?

One thing you could do is get a copy of your credit report(s)


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I have had this for a few years now, someone has opened bank accounts at my home address and even applied for martgages. Every time I get a letter to a non resident at my address I telephone the sender and make a note of who I speak to.

It is almost always a social security or banking fraud.

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