Identity Theft?: No Bl@@dy Wonder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walter_mitless, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Been on my mind for a long time, but I was reminded of how sloppy, people are; wiith our personal details, today.

    If our data is being incompetently looked after and competently lost, by some apparently dimwitted yokels that shouldn't be given a bl@dy paper round, then ... why is this ? Why?...

    Not content with losing our private sensitive details in the post, or en-route , or from car boots, or on laptops left on public transport, they even bl@@dy well shout out our names, in public places. Don't they? Well, not just our names... And apart from intransigence, there's really no excuse. At all.

    It would appear that some people, by and large, though not all, won't have the gumption, or the wherewithall, to look after our sensitive, personal data without being kicked first up the backside. Strange, but true.

    Some people do whatever they can, whatever is necessary, to give away our private and sensitive details, to the "burglar in the room. "

    My point is simply this: If we visit a surgery, an office, any Public buildings, an NHS place, indeed anywhere : STOP BL@@DY WELL SHOUTING OUR NAMES OUT AND STOP BL@@DY WELL ASKING OUT LOUD FOR OUR PERSONAL DETAILS SO THAT EVERY ONE CAN HEAR THEM !!!

    Use your brains and get a system, a ticket system, anything, but please....just for once use your loaf eh? NO: you're not justified. And NO you're not always right. NO you don't have more rights than us just because you're behind a glass screen.

    Thank you.
  2. So if someone robs you, and gets your bank / credit cards they won't have your name on them ?

    I don't understand the point you are trying to make :?

  3. Oh God.....
  4. I am not a number...

    anymore :)
  5. Wah? 8O
  6. Do calm down. Your medication will be ready as soon as the pharmacist has counted out the tablets.
  7. But they'll not know who to give them to as they're not allowed to shout out the name on the prescription.
  8. sorry for slightly changing the subject here. you mentiond the doctors etc. WHY THE FCUK DO I HAVE TO BOOK AN APOINTMENT 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE NOWADAYS???

    anyway....identity thieveing ba**ards
  9. As sure as my userid is Walter Mitless, I agree identity theft is too easy!
  10. Are you still serving or are you a civie?
  11. Old joke -might be relevant. If I haven't totally missed the point of that rant.

  12. Missed the point, have we? Do you lot all work in public buildings then?

    So, if you don't mind names, dates of birth, addresses and the like, called out in public, then you won't mind someone noting them down. Will you.
    And you won't mind someone using your personal details, will you?

    Is it really too much to ask, that public places and clerks take just a little bit of care, with our personal details, in public? Some of us do care, and we do object to public broadcasts of our details.

    Mind you, one can see here, what we are up against....
  13. 1. How often is your date of birth or address 'called out' in public?
    2. How do you realistically suggest staff at a surgery/office/public building communicate with you?

    I can see the point you're making, but there are far more important things in life.
  14. I remember being told once that in an STD clinic, patients are "encouraged" to use a false name, resulting in the receptionist having to call out several times a day "Tony Blair" for the next patient...

    Reminds me (pulls up sandbag) of the tricks played on student nurses in A&E, sending them out into reception to call Hugh Jarce, Mike Hunt, etc

    Anyway, what's your point, there are hundreds of people with the same name as yours I bet (just try googling it)...
  15. Bloody hell Walter Mitles..

    that was one rant........