Identity Theft, Advice wanted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by js374, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. I thought this would be the most appropriate forum.

    I have a bit of a problem and was wondering if anybody had had anything similar happen or could give advice. I will not be very specific due to the nature of this.

    The picture:
    Have been offered a job which requires clearance however I have apparently failed to declare all of my convictions (of which I am certain that I have none). Obviously I am querying this however in the meantime I am worried that I may have had my identity stolen due to certain events which I will not go into here.

    Does anyone know what would be the best way to proceed with this or find out if this is the case.

    All advice gratefully received. Thanks
  2. Take it up with the Defence Vetting Agency, and provide them with all the details you can't put on here
    If DVA have already told you that you have convictions, I would also contact the Criminal Records Bureau (

    It's probably a clerical error; it happens more often than you would think, but in both cases you may have to provide some sort of proof to the contrary.

    If you genuinely believe that someone has stolen your identity, you need to inform your bank and the police too.
  3. Ask for your records from the CRB under the DPA. Expect to pay a max of 15 quid for the pleasure, they can NOT refuse you. (If you haven't come across the acronyms, just Google them, it will be self explanatory)

    Had this with one of my guys during a Police vetting check who, luckily for him, I trusted totally and believed completely.

    Turned out he had been "cloned" and had run up several debts and was under investigation for credit fraud under several addresses.

    The whole system is pants and open to ridiculous amounts of error. Tie that in with the unbelievable workload that the CRB is under at the moment and it comes as no surprise that mistakes are made, it's just down to you to push to put them right.
  4. I'm sure prints are taken when a person is arrested. It should be simple enough to prove that you're not the culprit.

    Nightmare situation though. Best of luck.
  5. The problem is the question says I have to declare anything including spot fines etc. which would not be fingerprinted or even arrested for. Unless I am lucky and can prove I was somewhere else at the time I don't know how I would prove that it was not me.
  6. There's loads of information online about ID theft as it relates to credit ratings, but I can't find anything UKcentric to do with criminal records.

    What I did find was this article which talks about a large number of mistakes made by the Criminal Records Bureau. It may be that, rather than identity theft, they've just fucked up.

    If you still fear that your identity might have been stolen, register with CIFAS. It costs £15 and means that any financial applications 'you' make will be verified in more depth than usual. It may mean you run into delays when applying for finance, etc. but it will also ensure your identity is not used to run up debts, etc.
  7. Have you ever lost your passport or other primary ID?

    I took a week off doing stuff in Bosnia in 1999 and went to Croatia with a mate for a few days. Whilst we were there he had his bag nicked and his passport was in it. In 2004 he was due to join me in Vietnam on a job but got arrested at Saigon airport. The immigration officer who arrested him told him that he was already in Vietnam, working in a hotel in Hanoi.

    Got it sorted in the end but it was fun for a while.
  8. Also run a credit check on yourself with Experian. It'll cost £2 and it'll give details of all your (and your clone's) known addresses, debts, late payments, etc.
  9. Agree entirely with SN' and others comments about flaws in CRB.

    Mrs sonic's lates renewal certificate cam back in the name of Mrs Sonci !
  10. ive had problems with identity theft twice in 10 years.

    7 years ago i was threatened with bailiffs for a credit card debt. i dont have credit card and it turned out it was used in Coventry in the summer of 03. 2 problems with that. a) i have never been in Coventry in my life :) and b) i was serving in iraq when the debts were incurred.

    i contacted the bailiffs concerned and informed them of this. i was very angry at the time as the letters they sent were very threatening.

    the second time was last year. some scumbag opened a credit card and immediately maxed it out using some address in lancaster. how the debt recovery people linked it to me i have no idea but again i received letters threatening legal action and bailiffs. i dont live in lancaster and i still dont have a credit card. i phoned the agency concerned and was able to prove to their satisfaction that it was not my debt. i have since contacted the police who have informed me there is very little they can do.

    strangely i still have an excellent credit rating. i would have thought these incidents would have affected it in some way
  11. Hi all thank you for the advice.
    This is just to let you know that everything seems to have been sorted out and I am in the clear so to speak. I guess my note to the DVA made them look again.
    So thanks once again!
  12. Great news. Glad you're in the clear!

  13. Sound advice; I have had to do this due to an exgirlfriend
  14. 'scuse me ossifer I'd like to report an identity theft.
  15. If a passport appears, having been lost, it's a good idea to change it due to the risk of cloning (an active passport will net more for a thief & cause more probs for the owner than a cancelled one!).