Identity of BounceBanana confirmed

Daft isn't it? They wanted somebody representative of the youth in Kent and when they've got proof that she is, they sack her.

How many wigs is she wearing? I think I can count three - and two have slipped.
I don' t think it's fair to link BounceBanana with this crock of shite.
This girl has done nothing that should warrant any interest from Kent SB.

The fact that Kent's political commissars/police aka the special branch, are now involved shows just how much of a Stalinist tyranny this country now is.

Our public services have now become so politicised and politically correct that if you even hint at at any opinion outside of the groupthink or herd, then you are toast! Democracy and freedom of speech now eradicated by PC diktat from unelected public servants.
OMFG That thing is 17???? SHe looks at least twice that.

Would I?? My standards may have slipped but I haven't gone blind (despite what Sister Mary Joseph warned me about)
I was at the cinema Friday night & there was a lass with hair like that sat in front of us blocking the view with it, my lass was fucking fuming every time she shuffled back in her seat & put her massive cranial birds nest even higher up. I blame that porky warbler Adele.
What's ridiculous is that we appoint a 16 year old youth representative on £15000 a year in the first place. Most 16 year olds couldn't give a fuck in the first place and if it was a burning issue then maybe they should elect their own. What do they do when she gets to 22, sack her for being too old and out of touch. She would hardly the best candidate for the job anyway because if she had anything going for her shed be studying for her A levels in prep for going to uni.

Why don't they do something sensible like ignore all 16 year olds until they committ a proper crime and then arrest them.
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