Identity Cards Act 2006

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. As if my passport, drivers licence and MOD90 isn't enough eh?

    Any national ID scheme is nothing short of a huge black hole down which government is able to pour tax payers money. I don't think it helps that the people in charge are idiots.

  2. Yes.

    I've never taken part in widespread civil disobedience before. This could be interesting and will probably make the trouble Thatcher had over the poll tax look like a drawing room discussion at a vicarage tea party.

    If the government thinks it's going to fingerprint me, record all my personal details to hold on a central database and force me to pay a lot of money for an ID card I don't want, they have another thing coming.
    How long before they are expanding the database still further and sharing it with the EU and the Yanks or selling it to corporations? Labour wants to put every aspects of our lives under the microscope, track our daily movements, spending patterns and health issues and generally record and monitor us from the cradle to the grave. We are no longer citizens but consumers who exist at the sufferance of the state. There is no room for privacy or anonymity in the Labour ant hill. Brown wants the state to be all powerful and omniscient and ready to be absorbed into a greater EU superstate where democracy is seen as an outmoded and unecessary inconvenience.
    Stand by to become refusniks........
  3. Am I the only one who (Besides the money its going to cost to set up) doesn't see a problem with ID cards.

    I dont have anything to hide from the government but I'm sure there are alot of criminals whom schemes like this would hinder. So whilst I get to fly off to Egypt, Barry the football hooligan has to stay home. So does Habib Maktaab the local slightly dodgy geezer who always carries a chestrig.
  4. At the risk of being predictable and boring, this is the "thin end of the wedge", which gets rammed in until your great grandchildren have no freedoms whatsoever.

    What i really disagree with is that this massive sum of money is being spent on "security". Security which at its root is there or is being proposed to prevent me from being killed by Johnny Terrorist. The fact of the matter is that even if we stay with the security we have (deemed to be not good enough by those in the know) i'm still many many times more likely to be killed by a car on our roads. Government isn't spending £1.2bn on road safety though is it??

    Its a completely disproportionate response, favoured because it gives politicians more control over the lives of the electorate.

    Right... must dash, i can hear the sirens !

  5. Except that you don't get to fly off to Egypt because a) you can't afford it after you've been skinned for the card, the biometric passport and the regular renewals as laid out in the Act; and b) your data has been accidentally tagged with info from Habib's file and you are instead diverted to Guantanamo, MOD90 and all because that's not acceptable as ID for security purposes under the Act.

    I personally disagree with the whole concept of the ID card system because I don't see that as a feature of the relationship between the individual and the State. But what really scares the hell out of me is the sheer incompetence with which successive UK Governments have introduced far smaller and less complex databases. The list is pretty much endless. How many people were turned down for teacher training last year because the were falsely tarred with a criminal record?

    I don't see how the vague hope that maybe it won't fuck up too badly this time or that only the really incompetent and un-organised criminals will be unable to get round it is worth this level of restriction on how I go about my life. It's fundamental in this country that we tell the government what they can and can't do, not the other way around.
  6. And how long before the id card is cloned or coppied? - suddenly you find yourself being lifted by the filth at 0300hrs on a tuesday morning because someone who matches your description and details is suspected of being a terrorist. You then spend the next 56(ish) days in custody, with no questioning, no chance of speaking to a lawer or any contact with your family...slippery slope
  7. I doubt very much if the ID card will impact on stopping terrorism. It will however help identify illegals which I think is the real reason why the Fourth Reich want them.
  8. Touche.

    Well lets look at it the other way. Its going to happen.

    "Don't fight the jungle, embrace it"
  9. Identity theft already exists so it's a moot point. However the 56 day all expenses paid holiday sounds good.
  10. Bearing in mind the old liebour party member who was done at the conference under the Terrorism act , the couple who were arrested for illegal assembly at the Cenotaph, I can't help but think that the people who will be most suprised when the cops come a-knocking will be the
    ''I've got nothing to hide'' brigade because like Humpty Dumpty said in Alice in Wonderland
    ''It means exactly what I want it to mean''
    By then Bad Crow it will be too late, the whole concept of this act is that the individual will have to justify their existence to the state rather than vice-versa. Take a quick squint at who can forcefully enter your house legally and then worry greatly about the implications of this act.
  11. How will it "identify" the illegals?

    They are like water and the government use sieves to look for them.
  12. Not a moot point at all. ID theft does exist, but to steal your money and get bank loans etc - This would take it to a whole new level
  13. 'However the 56 day all expenses paid holiday sounds good.' Where, exactly, all the prisons are full. I believe that the great leader Bliar floated a plan for 'holding camps'. This seems a good idea - how about putting them somewhere remote. We could build a railway line to them - give the detainees something to do. How about a snappy New Labour catch phrase over the gate - something like 'Work Brings Freedom'.

    We are heading down a very dangerous path with our freedoms being eroded on almost a daily basis - Browns new proposals for scanners at railway stations and 58 day detention without trial make the path even steeper.