Identifying WWII medals and obtaining replacements

Hello all,

I would like your help and advice please. My grandad served in the Worcestershire regiment during WWII. His army career peaked with a promotion to Lance Corporal which was removed the day after for fighting! He was at Dunkirk and at some point was injured when his lorry (which I believe he was driving) was attacked. He recovered from severe burns to lead a long life and have two children. He had some medals from his service and unfortunately at some point after my grandad passed away these went missing. I would like to try to replace them and pass them down as an important piece of our family history.

I have a very out of focus 25 year old photo (and the colours are very oversaturated!) of them and have identified most but there are two I cannot - the third from left on the top row, and last one on the bottom row. Can you help?

Top row (L-R)
1 1939 - 1945 Star (Second World War Campaign Medal)
2 Defence Medal
3 ???
4 War Medal 1939-45

Bottom Row (L-R)
5 Dunkirk Medal 1940
6 ???

Does anyone happen to know if replacements (rather than replicas) can be obtained by family members? Many thanks for any help.

it was instituted by the Dunkirk Veterans Association in the 60's iirc
Got a couple in our Museum. So far as I can see all the above are right (Not An Expert mind, just agreeing with folks). Ribbons look in good nick. Can't tell what #6 is but I'd conjecture it's a non-official medal.
The MOD Medal Office details:
The next of kin can apply for unissued medals. Replacements can be issued for stolen medals with a police crime number. You may have trouble applying for replacements for missing medals without a crime number.
Give them a call, they are very helpful.
You can get medal records from the National Archives website and service records from But not for free.
@MuddleMaker - the Dunkirk medal was issued by the town/people of Dunkirk I believe, so not a British Army Medal. My grandad was a member of the Dunkirk Veterans Association and went on a trip there. Maybe that is how he got it. He wasn't captured, but evacuated back to Blighty.
If you're attempting to recreate your granddad's medal set, your best bet maybe is to look for a medal dealer and buy copies of the correct ones your granddad had earned. It doesn't sound like the MoD will reissue you a new set. Fortunately the medals were not named for WW II service so you won't have the awkward necessity of explaining why there's a strange man's name on what is supposed to be your grandpa's medals. You might get some help from these chaps too:

British Medals Forum • Index page

They are the experts in everything medallic for the British Forces.

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