Identifying load vests

Could anyone identify the possible country of origin for this. I received this email from a friend today.

some time ago I bought an anonymous assault vest from a surplus store in Southampton, intending to walt it about when paintballing. It was sold as South African, but I've never really identified it. Do you have any ideas?

There's two boxes of tissues in the rectangular pocket (on the rear of the vest), and a cartridge of sealant in the lower of the horizontal pockets that sit on top of the rectangular one. The front of the vest is more conventional with a huge lidless (waterbottle?) pouch over each hip, and two (mag?) pouches plus one (grenade?) pouch on each side at the front.
Any ideas?

I told my pal that I thought the item in the base looked like an **** probe because I am told that Paint ballers are anally retentive but that didn't go down very well :lol:


First guess would be a copy of the SA vest modified for paintballing, the two tube pockets on the back look like the sort i've seen paintballers wearing around their waists, when I've been on stag doos
Sounds like the South African vest, or at least modelled on it. It's a common design for cheap vests, and whilst the original is supposed to be good the reproductions can be somewhat dodgy.

That's a genuine SADF vest. Possibly 32 Batt. issue and quite rare. They're supposed to be more valuable than the Nutria Brown version but I've not found that to be the case.

The 2 large side pockets are for their 2 litre waterbottle and the horizontal rear pockets may be for mortar bombs but I'm not convinced. Mag and grenade pockets on the front as suspected.

Ask Cutaway, he seems to be up on South African kit.

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