Identifying kit on TV

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by veritas, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. Oh god, I know Im going to come in for some verbal here but I thought I'd ask the experts.

    I'm a sci fi walt, there thats out the way, and I want to put together a U.N.I.T costume from Dr Who ( in the red berets)

    Ive been looking at the outfits and just wondered if any one could help me with the following.


    I'm not sure if these suits are Police?



    Again not sure if the women in the Beret is wearing an old army or Police uniform.

    I know I'm going to get some stick, but really , we are harmless and to be pitied. If any one recognises a bit of kit, please shout out.
  2. Try looking in the dictionary under "L" for life........... :? :? :?
  3. I think those are RMP Special Tactical Operational Provost (V) who actually wear the Capbadge similar to the Para one, except the parachute is replaced with the Sword of Damocles to indicate their special role. Most are Para trained, but the extra subdued wings are barely visible on their tac-suits.

    Like the paras, the RMP STOP(V) have their own beret shaping traditions. Their first Commanding officer , Lt Col XXXX XXXXXXX (name witheld for security reasons) was a big fan of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, so in his honour after his death (it is reported he is was the seventh man on the 'balcony') all members of the regiment wear their 'hats' in a Frank Spencer style.
  4. looks like ultimate farce style suits and rmp/para beret, try e-bay
  5. I have a very full life thanks, this is just one facet of what I do in my spare time. Ive also found that when I'm collecting for H4H at events , the public respond better to collectors who have dressed up.

    Thanks, I knew Evil bay would be the best source, just wanted to make sure I was getting the right kit.
  6. Perhaps a bit blindingly obvious but have you considered clocking who was head of wardrobe in the end credits and then looking them up and just asking what they used?
  7. it looks like the balck stuff SO19 etc wear, the girly is wearing waht looks like the female version of No1's

  8. Sorry mate, obviously all in a good cause. I'm sure you could wear any combination of kit and the only people who could spot the difference would be wearing anoraks anyway.

    Good luck P-T

  9. The guys and girl in the blue coveralls are obviously ABRO (sorry - DSG). You can tell this from the way they hang about an Army vehicle with their hands in pockets :D
  10. Everyone knows that if you are a UNIT operator in a black jump suit then you are either destined to be disintergrated by superior alien technology or else converted into a brainwashed minion.

    I'd say it was much safer and with a bit more dash-it-all bearing to dress up as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

  11. I don't watch Dr Who, but I've got one of them there flak jackets in me wardrobe, wondering who in real life would ever want a 'Handgun 2' threat jacket without 'anti-stab' these days?

    Sounds like you're the man.

    Funny what you discover on interweb, eh?

    The romper suit is standard Plod Nomex flameproof with the hood cut off, guess they're in the surplus stores now. You'll have to knit your own belt order.

    Do PM me. MK
  12. I swear to God, when I get out, I'm going to have to set up a beret shaping company for actors, Cadets....oh, and Americans. :x I mean, do these people not realise how much they look like complete window lickers?

    I am normally a very, very placid bloke. Why do badly shaped and badly worn berets grip my sh*t like nothing else? :evil:
  13. You took the words out of my mouth,it grips my shit to see some of the states they have on their heads, could even learn from the Andrew and there bad enough
  14. If you are after the utility belt, there are a few places online that supply this sort of kit, google police supplies and there are hundreds of companies that supply it.