Identifying a "WALT"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ancient Mariner, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Hello chaps, my parents were befriended a few years back by a chap who claimed to be ex "them", i'm an ex matelot now a copper and always had my suspicions, especially when i learned he apparently had the MM plus a few others (sh*tloads of gongs in fact).
    How could i prove he was bogus without making waves or going through official channels? Cheers 'gents
  2. Name plus his gongs and look in London Gazette if you genuinely can be arrsed
  3. Search for him in the London Gazette.
  4. Hahaha, yeah, thought of that, i have looked in the Gazette (negat apart from a bankruptcy notice) and can't find any mention of the bloke,
  5. Do you have his army number! The gazette search isn't 100%. sometimes it dosnt return on just a name!

    But if he was awarded a MM it will be announced there
  6. If he says he was second man on the balcony, he's lying. It was me.
  7. Just announce him in NAAFI Bar. That seems to be de rigeure these days.
  8. Who cares ?
  9. Unless he's trying to diddle your parents out of their savings why bother. I'll admit Walt threads are entertaining, usually just before they implode, and sometimes the pretender has caused some genuine offence (as with the most recent one), but I'd have to have a pretty good personal reason for going to the trouble of unmasking some sad geezer who's doing no real harm. And if he's genuine it's going to be you that looks foolish, probably foolish and injured actually.
  10. Ancient_Mariner might care that someone is walting as him ...
  11. Ancient Mariner - check your PMs.
  12. I can confirm this - I was right behind him...
  13. I dont think you're really Sean Bean
  14. I suppose you'll be telling me I'm not Daffy Duck next.
  15. You aren't daffy duck.

    There I said it. And SeanBean is a lying cunt of the highest order.

    I was third on the balcony, not him, next to andy mcnab and chris ryan's dad.