Identify this?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by s_n_l_r, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. Can someone tell me what this is? My nephew just asked me and I don't have a scooby.

  2. Cheers. Glad I bought your book now... :)
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  3. Whah
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  4. NATO 7.62 versions are still in production in Turkey amongst other places.
  5. Its a Willys jeep wheel.

    Plus, he's using the wrong ammo box.
  6. Yeh, I had the chance to fire a Danish Army one a few years back. Great fun.
  7. The M60 was based on it though
  8. I fired a Bersaglieri one, I think theirs are called MG3s? Quite disconcerting they way the thing seemed to be trying to drag me down the range.
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  9. Really? The M60 is gas operated via a short piston and the MG42 is recoil operated.

    Perhaps the success of the MG42 inspired the US to go for the M60?
  10. Not quite.

    The M60 uses the style of belt feed with an extra feed pawl, but that's it

    The 60 is gas operated vs recoil
    The 60 bolt long heard as a copy of the FG-42 is more akin to the Lewis gun (the operating road and bolt show its parentage)
  11. Looks very like a MG 42 7.92mm German WWII machine gun, that said given the ammo is coming out a M60 box it may well be the post WWII MG3 7.62mm machine gun that I had the privilege to fire while on my German para wings course 1987.
    Saw a couple of comments regarding the M60. It was designed to supposedly give the same sort of performance as the MG 42 but was based on the FG 42 mechanism. All in all not a great success as quite complicated with fiddley small parts and a ludicrous barrel change drill.
  12. Barrel change was quicker than the GPMG.

    Stop firing, set safety

    flip up barrel latch

    remove barrel

    New barrel on

    Set barrel latch

    resume firing

    The M-60's problems were:

    Gas piston plug could be installed backwards resulting in single shot fire. resolved in M60E3

    No handle on barrel, resolved M60E3

    Bolt had to be cocked to close feedtray cover, resolved M60E3

    Sear could be installed backwards, resolved M60E3

    Runaway gun due to short recoil operating rod not going far enough back to engage sear, resolved with extra sear notches on Operating rod during 1980's

    I could easily shoulder fire it like a rifle as needed and with little practice was able to fire Semi Automatically as needed. While in III Corps we had yearly marksmanship competitions and one of the firing tables was:
    KD range Standard Bull's-eye targets
    Targets go up for 40 second exposure
    When targets go up, gun crew runs 100M sets up for bipod fire and fire 20 rds Semi auto if possible, targets will go down automatically. Scoring is std for Bullseye targets
    Repeat this process from the 600M to 100M lines times 3
    Average up the points and add to timed 2 mile run in full battle rattle with full gun equipment. the trick to a good 60 was grease, not oil to lube the bolt lugs and raceways