Identify this weapon ?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by vegnomeat, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. vegnomeat

    vegnomeat Clanker

    Hi Gents,

    A "friend" has been left this rifle in a will and is looking to identify it and also obtain a value.

    Some clues

    Engraved "VR tower 1847"

    A Crown and B9

    B13 with Crown with 35 underneath

    Sorry the pics are poor, camera phone don't you know.





    Many thanks
  2. EX_STAB


    I'm suspecting it might be a reproduction. It's some flavour of cavalry carbine percussion lock. It doesn't look to be a converted flintlock but the 1847 date seems perhaps a little early.

    Croque monsiuer will be a long with the right answer.
  3. jockass

    jockass War Hero

    Disapointed. I thought this was some crimewatch/streaker thread.
  4. Its a light cavalry carbine. Can't remember the type offhand, though Paget rings a bell. If so, then it's probably been converted from flintlock.
  5. Mozzie

    Mozzie Old-Salt

    One of these perhaps?
  6. That's the badger!
  7. Looks a lot like an Enfield Carbine to me, but that wasn't adopted until 1853....
  8. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo On ROPS On ROPs

    I think its a blanket.
  9. EX_STAB


    Except it's got a different lock, the Brunswick one shown is a converted flintlock,
    our man's has a percussion lock that looks exactly like a P53 rifle.
  10. vegnomeat

    vegnomeat Clanker

    Thanks for the help so far gents, I will be able to take some better photos tomorrow and post them on Thursday morning.

    Much appreciated

  11. From its general layout, it looks like a Brunswick Rifle (it is rifled, isn't it?), although the rear sight is wrong (In fact that rear sight looks very Khyber Pass to me.) and I didn't think that there was a Cavalry Carbine version.
  12. EX_STAB


    Plus it's got what appears to be a P53 percussion lock.
  13. Looks like it's a 1844 Yeomanry cavalry carbine. .66" smoothbore and original percussion lock, 20" barrel? Rear sight is kosher. The Brunswick second and third pattern have sidelocks like the P53, but is easily recognisable with its two deep groove rifling and was not made in carbine form.


    Value for these oldies depends on condition.