identify this TRF

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by KleenUpGuy, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone identify this TRF?
    i know cadets in my platoon wear it, but is it worn by anyone else? Or did it used to be worn by someone?
  2. The other question should be; Why are cadets wearing TRFs?
  3. Identifies us as members of sharpes platoon, we still wear ACF rank slides.
  4. And what is Sharpe's Platoon? Named after the fictional character played by Sean Bean?
  5. Is this supposed to represent the chosen man white band?
  6. So some cadet AI with fantastical delusions thinks of all his cadets as chosen men, and therefore as the leader of Sharpe's Platoon himself as Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe?

  7. What do you have to do to become a 'chosen cadet' no wait....I really don't wanna know!
  8. Similar to Green Howards tie, so Sharpe (a Rifleman) would be miffed at northerners claiming his platoon (even if Sean Bean was a northerner).

    I think ACFs and TRFs were covered before, with the ending that they shouldn't be wearing them?
  9. So as I see it KUG asked a question he already knew the answer to and in doing so opens the ACF up to the usual ridicule.
  10. I did not know the answer to the question. And the entry to Sharpe's (indeed named of the Sean bean character, we are affiliated to the rocked regiment) requires the members to be selected from the company and only the best in our company should be allowed in.
  11. Tepagagap thankyou for the answer, I didn't realise the Rifles chosen men wore a White band.
    But does anyone know who wears this as a TRF or is it indeed a custom one for us?
  12. Back in the days of facing third shock army across the IGB, no one wore any identifying badges of any sort, some units discouraged the wearing of rank in the field incase some spetnaz buried his shovel in the higherarchy.
    But then when you spent all your time in an NBC suit, you didn't know who anyonevwas anyway.
  13. The idea of sharpes platoon is to take the best of the company, a platoon full, identified with the TRF, to receive interesting training from experienced adult AIs (normally ex regs, both the original adult OC and adult platoon Sjt were ex para) to create a better class of NCO, give other cadets something to aspire to, to act as enemy for the company, it's members are the ones who are thought of first for competitions and to compete with polar troop (another companies version)
  14. That's mint.... So it's like the Cadet BRF??

    Do you get to have big beards and different weapons??
  15. No but we do wear deserts in the field. ;)