Identify this piece of kit ...

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Chimurenga, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. I found this thing in an antique store the other day and immediately bought it (for $1) after noticing the Broad Arrow on it.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is. I assume it is some sort of officer's kit or private purchase item.

    The markings on it are " S & C 1953 Cat. No. IA/0102"


  2. Combat pancake pan cover?
  3. Is it not a don 10 cable bag?
  4. I suppose I should mention it is thirteen and one half inches in diameter.
  5. holding kfs and a plate?
  6. 1953 would have been D3 cable (but it's not that :) )
  7. I have come across these before. They are a limited issue officers escape berets. You will note that it is adjustable to allow for the swelling of the head in different environments eg the desert, jungle, arctic or in the bar. The small slots on the inside were designed to hide emergency items in the event of capture, primarily pens for writing a journal. The initials S&C only appeared on earlier models as they indicate issue to "SAS and Commandos" ... which was a bit of a give away to the enemy.
  8. Its a shield cover. They used shields in the 50s I believe.
  9. I thought it covered a D10 cable drum.
  10. Looks like an old bedford copola cover to me
  11. I can't see any scale on it but I go along with all those who say that is looks like a cable reel cover.

    BTW, is D10 still in use?
  12. It's a waste of one dollar. You could have bought beer instead.
  13. Don't think I agree with the cable reel cover possibility. If you look at the design, it wouldn't cover any cable, just the side of the drum...and since the cable covers I've seen are designed to keep the cable from being snagged what use would that be?

    I don't know the definitive answer but if you look carefully at the design, it looks like it is designed to fit over a rigid item that has a *ahem* bell-end. If you placed anything in the stowage loops they would stand proud, suggesting that whatever they were fitted over was at least slightly hollowed in the centre.

    The random list of roughly 13 in diameter rigid things (that's enough sniggering at the back) that spring to mind are a steel helmet (although why you'd need a cover is beyond me), a wash bowl or pan (ditto), the end of a large wind instrument or the lens hood of some sort of lamp or optical unit (ISTR the NOD had a huge lens but I think it had a rigid cover) where the loops are used to hold cleaning material.

    Not conclusive but I hope that gets the braincells ticking; someone must have seen one in the wild.
  14. I know that some one else said drum but I didn't. I meant the webbing reel that can be worn on the back and used to pay out D10.
  15. Bedford RL cupola cover from back in the 70s