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Discussion in 'Medals' started by gmorrison22, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Any chance someone can identify these medals for me? Not got a clue.

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  2. At a quick glance, looks like a Bosnia UN medal and Gulf war medal, but the pic is very small
  3. Yes.

    Tiny pic looks like UN Cyprus and GRANBY medal - cannot tell if has bar or not
  4. UN Cyprus, looks like bar is present.

    Isn't that a bit unusual to see the Cyprus medal first, before GRANBY?
  5. Cyprus & Granby?
  6. More normal to see it that way than the other way around: loads of lads went to Cyprus as part of UNFICYP in the decades before GW1 than after it.
  7. yes my apologies...UN Cyprus medal
  8. I stand corrected, I had it in my mind for some reason that uk took precidence must have mixed it up with Gallantry. Not that I have any gallantry medals mind.
  9. There are several threads on here that go into far greater detail than I ever wanted to know...

    Even the Regi tailor of my brother (RLC *spit*) got it wrong. Order is roughly: Gallantry, All Campaign, UN, NATO medals recognised by HM in the order they were awarded, LS&GC, the various Jubilee gongs and then any awarded by foriegn states (with HM permission: sometimes permission is given to wear them all the time, sometimes only when a dignitary of that nation is present) (I'm not to sure about LS&GC vs Jubilee as I was never eligible for the former).
  10. Jubilee in date order of award BEFORE Long Service medals (incl ACSM)