Identify the tracks

I have a number of tracks in my itunes library simply titled track 1 unknown album. I have tried using gracenote to identify title and artist but this did not work.

If anyone thinks they may be able to identify them I have put them here
All I heard was noise, then my ears started bleeding.

Trying posting it in another thread. This ones for music.
Track 7 and 11 sound like different remixes of 'Binary finary'.

Track 8 well I have a similar one by Rob Base/DJ EZ Rock, could be a version of that? Its called 'It takes two'.

However I could be totally wrong.
track 1 - cream (paul van dyke short cut) by clank and jones
track 2 - the awakening (quake mix) by york
track 3 - dont know
track 4 - trippin (brother brown's prime club mix) by oris jay
track 5 - black A.M. (king unique dirty dub) by watkins
track 6 - shoulda woulda coulda (agent sumo mix) by beverley knight
track 7 - dont know
track 8 - it takes scoop by fatman scoop (feat the crooklyn clan)
track 9 - dont know
track 10 - dont know
track 11 - another day (perfecto mix) by skip raiders (feat jada)
track 12 - in and out of my life by ATFC presents onephatdeeva
track 13 - dont know
track 14 - thrill me (instrumental radio mix) by junior jack
track 15 - never fcuk (ian driver remix) by romathony's nightvision

dont EVER make me do that AGAIN... lol and next time 1. dont use intros and 2 put about 10 more seconds to the shorter clips... but DONT USE INTROS... got a lot of false positives ie track 15 and track 4 start similarly and can easily confuse.
Thanks, once I have some names I check the tracks on youtube. sat here for ages yesterday typing some of the lyrics into google then checking youtube. Found about 30 that way

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