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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by asr1, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. What is my Avatar? Show your Corps Knowledge and win a signed copy of SOC5. Maybe.
  2. its an Action Man VAB 6x6, mineclearing boxset?
  3. It's an A*sole reamer.
  4. it is a ballsache, that's what it is.

    not to mention a multi-million pound waste of money.
  5. Very close....
  6. Its not an LMD is it ??

    the light mobile digger.... a mythical beast rarely seen outside of a REME workshop....

    i know it isn't ... i just thought the LMD rated a mention as THE WORST piece of Engineer plant ever...

    unless you drove the c unt, as you were guaranteed never to get out of the gate on ANY excercise EVER. :D
  7. Any chance of a bigger picture? At my age the eyes begin to go.......
  8. the missing MALF from Stargate?
  9. I though it was a MALP?!
  10. d'uh! :oops:

    glad to see i'm not the only sad git on a Sunday!
  11. It is the Sump SuckRE,

    Most commonly towed behind the last vehicle in A1 Ech.
    It's the Plant Troops rear guard that sucks the sh%t out of anything that gets close to it.
    ie, MPF, Plt Sgt, Plt Tp Cdr as it is their little baby plant machine.
    Like a little high maintainance window box compared to a national park.

    In applying all this High Volume Sucking off, it also leaves the rest of the Plant Life to get on with the real game of


    Incoming,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dug in to stage three
  12. Part of the drilling rig? bit like the kit the well drillers used at Vitez .... shame they drilled the well on the old tank park 8O ferkin water was ni on pure derv! came out the showers smellin worse than a Pod Op :?
  13. I'll give it's a flush capper
  14. Invented by John Crapper. Ah jeez, that was the WC though. Def looks airfield-y mad Heath Robinson kit - bit like that ADR Compactor. Shortfuse exact ref LMD, it had 4 miles of tubing. And if it did make it on ex, the inf hated the bloody thing "why can't it dump the soil around my trench and not 10 yards away" etc etc. I spent many nights trying to B & E the clerks office to get the "LMD Instructor" qual off my docs. I bet this Crap Flushing Thing is a similar nightmare.
  15. it is indeed a similar nightmare. we've spent the past year trying to get the damn things IER'd and sent back to whatever cave they came out of, post telic, only to find out the army is getting rid of them anyways (apparently). the CES for it is to be seen to believed, all kinds of easily lost junk.