Identify Royal Signals badges

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sid_Ruff, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. I have two badges, one is round and has the Mercury badge embossed on it. The back is engraved "Gould Medal 1937"

    The other is brass and oval shaped, again with Mercury on the front and a pin back. It is marked 200 in the center of the back.

    Any help identifying them will be gratefully received.

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  2. First search throws up this.

    I will search the london gazette to see if any Gould's as officers as it maybe a challenge cup type medal.

    Can't seem to find any Gould apart from a Capt S H Gould doubt he would be having his own medals, made. So it could be for the Gould expedition.

    Plus whoever they were working too may have got the medals.
    Then again I may be talking pish
  3. Cheers S.M, they were the three R.Sigs Officers on the expedition.
  4. I have one of the oval ones framed here at home, my old dear found it at a Flea Market in France of all places, so picked it up for me. However, I never saw it out of the frame - she had it done for me, so I don't know if there is a number on the obverse to Jimmy!
  5. Cheers JT!
  6. I believe the oval one was designed by quite a famous French chap, but haven't a clue what his name is. I've had it for years now. I also had an old fashioned 'oval' type tie pin badge, but that went west sometime back in the 80's, haven't a clue what happened to it.
  7. Can I make the obvious pedantic comment that the oval badge is a badge representing Mercury, rather than a Royal Signals badge?

    Perhaps something pre dating the Royal Corps but adopted due to the link with Mercury.
  8. The oval one may not be R. Sigs but a standard Mercury image due to the fact that a/ there is no crown and b/ there is no motto. Also, the depiction of Mercury in that pose is a common theme as a quick Google images search confirms.
  9. Thanks guys, be as pedantic as you like, it all helps me work out what they are in the end! The oval one doesn't have the Certa Cito motto either, so you could be right that it is just a Mercury badge of some sort. The Gould Medal badge is causing all sorts of difficulties, as although Sir Basil Gould wasn't R Sigs, two men on his 1937 Tibet expedition were.
  10. I was thinking along the lines that the blokes on the expedition were working to a Royal Signals detachment somewhere and I presume they were then working to another detachment somewhere else. Relay stylee.

    I was thinking that all members of R Signals involved in this may have got the medal as a keepsake. The 1937 Date fits in with this.

    Edited to add the one on the right may have been what was known as a sweetheart broach. Given to Biatches in the old days that went out with good old R Signals soldiers
  11. With the round badge, I would think it was a lot later than 1937.

    That design as a cap badge wasn't adapted until 1947, and then obviously changing in 1953,

    The cap badge prior to 1947 looked like this.


    Note the lack of the corps motto.

    Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but I think once dated, it might help determine origin.
  12. Ignore my last - just read that the badge is dated on the back....which is you were...
  13. Royal Signals buttons dont have a crown on them only mercury, Granted with the corps motto prior to 1947.

    I have quite a few Royal Signals cap badges.

    Also Sid, You're flogging these ain't you? 8)
  14. Yeah, had a clear out as I have been collecting Sigs stuff since I left. (Figure that out!) Still got a few keepsakes around the palce, keeps the missus busy dusting! Put them on e-Bay with a load of other kit I had sat in a drawer.
  15. Me too but I'm into medals. R Sigs.

    I've seem similar to the Gould medals but with inscriptions on the back for sports winners etc.