Identify my watches please...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Foot_Tapper, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. 1, if this is the wrong section, i'm sorry...

    2, if this is walty as feck, i'm sorry...

    ok i've got two issued watches - but have never seen anything the same as them before...

    1st one - G10 style but with date, issued to RAF aircrew, has Pulsar and an L in a circle below it, no battery hatch, nsn 6645-99-6052627, takes 20mm strap (never seen another like it wondered how it compares to the CWC/MWC etc ones)

    2nd one - chrono, 3 inset dials 3 buttons and a screw crown, no date, below Number 12 is Seiko and P in a circle, nsn 6645-99-7683056, 20mm strap back of the case has indents to screw it in

    any watch experts?
  2. sent you to the QM's
  3. Not talking as a collector here mate, and not got access to the NSNs but the Pulsar ones are a noticeably lower quality of movement than the CWC ones.

    All the ones I've seen (at any rate) use a Hattori 7N series movement - basically a "disposable" plastic workings. Very reliable, 3-5 year battery life, decent accuracy, but the whole insides are really designed to throw away & replace if they go wrong. Actually not a bad idea for a Mil watch as you can swap them in about 15 mins & in almost any conditions, but not as "nice" as the ETA movements used by CWC (the same basic one that Tag Heure use as it happens)

    On the Seiko, seen a couple of variations of their mil chronos - are the dials all chrono or is the one at 6 o'clock an alarm (will have 2 hands if it is)? Again, the alarm movement is virtually designed to be thrown away (and is used by Seiko in £50 civvy Lorus chronos), but the "all chrono" one is a very high quality piece of kit.
  4. i guessed the pulsar one would be a cheapie - hence why the RAF issue them to rear end aircrew....

    the chrono is all chrono - LH dial is mins (up to 30) rh dial is tenths (with graduations in 1/20) bottom dial is the conventional seconds, main second hand is parked at 12 O clock, only used with stopwatch. Top right button start/stop, top left lap, bottom right reset, and bottom left is screw crown.

    any idea what the L in a circle on the pulsar or the P in a circle on a seiko means? I'm told that the T in a circle on the CWC watches means tritium...
  5. I have no real idea but how about : lithium is sometimes used as battery anode material (high electrochemical potential) and lithium compounds are used in dry cells and storage batteries ?
  6. well it's at least as good an answer as any i can think of - i'd like to think the P doesn't mean pilot - or i'd have to get rid of the watch, but i was assuming the L wasn't for Lovely...

    Although from what LJH said the Pulsar is the bargain basement G10 so i wouldn't think it would have a posh lithium battery (but then i'm an Armourer, so for all i know Lithium batteries might be common with watches...)
  7. Hi
    The P in the circle means the active element in the glow is promethium as oppose to tritium.
  8. well i'm either very impressed that my watch features something i've never heard of.

    or i've been WAH'd.
  9. Well never one to miss a chance at being wahed myself, the L and P do relate to the substance used for illumination. I believe that the P indicates Photo-luminescent and the L luminescent i.e. neither are radioactive but rely on the whole day light excited particle thing for their illuminating properties.
  10. L = Luminova, a non-radioactive organic compound that glows when exposed to light, on the Pulsar. If you don't want the Seiko chrono, PM me and I'll buy it off you if it's in good nick.
  11. cheers for all the replies guys - much appreciated

    i'm unlikely to sell the seiko to be honest - i was just wanting to find out as much as possible - i've always chosen seiko watches, and never had cause to regret it.

    I guessed the pulsar was a cheapo special (MOD sop...) anything more anyone can tell me about the seiko? it sounds like it's a pretty reasonable bit of kit (and seems to keep good time!)

    cheers, ttfn
  12. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Is it like this?
    If so it's the old issue aircrew watch.
    (LJH - mine's fully working now, just needed a tap with a tool fine adjusting)

  13. yep that's the bunny!

    am just after as much info about it as i can really - have no idea what it's worth - but more importantly if it's worth hanging onto to use, whether people rate them etc