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Identify an old helmet


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My wife bought an old helmet from a car boot sale a few years ago.

It seems to be a classic British helmet world war 2 era shape.

However it is black with a white V on the front.

Any ideas who would have worn it?

( I thought of an Air Raid Warden but I thought they had a W on their helmet)

tried to attach a picture but appear to be a bit too much of a IT biff to do it here so have posted in Photo gallery.
A Warden would have had a W and two white stripes around the base of the dome. V will be for Volunteer, either as a Volunteer Warden or Fire watch, I would imagine.

IIRC the old chappie in "Goodnight Sweetheart" wears one.

SC btw would have been Special Constable (some of them did not have uniform).

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