Identify a movie please?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. It's about an assassin who tries to shoot the US president (I think). He
    smuggles in a home made pistol made of wood, with some bullets hidden in a
    raccoon tail key ring. Can't recall if he does it or not, then I think there
    is a shootout on the roof of the building?

    Vague I know but I'd like to find out what it is!
  2. In the line of fire??
  3. Yeah smudge is right, John Malkovich was the hitman and no he does'nt kill him cos big Clint Eastwood saves the days at the last minute ( as he tends to do )
  4. Awesome, sounds like it! Thanks!
  5. The pistol was made of plastic.

    Not a bad movie; old Clint is usually worth a watch. :)

    Some good lines:

    Clint: "What do you see at night, Booth? When you're alone in the dark and the demons come..."

    Malcovich: "I see you, Frank. Standing over the grave of another dead President." 8)
  6. There is one funny scene in that movie that I love. Back in the 30's and 40's when love scenes could not be shown they would indicate a love scene by the couple heading for the bedroom dropping garments as they went. In "In The Line of Fire" when Clint and Rene Russo head to the bedroom it is radio-thump, magazines-thump, ASP baton-thump, cuffs-thump. Great scene!
  7. I think that under the Hayes code, named after Will Hayes, (not "Oh Mr Porter) both parties had to keep one foot on the deck when involved in a bedroom scene, a bit like snooker but more interesting if it was Veronica Lake.
  8. Just before they can bump uglies, they get called back on duty. Clint looks at all the kit on the bedroom floor and growls:

    "Now I gotta put all that cr@p back on..." :)
  9. Look you little fuckers its MR.Eastwood.
  10. Don't forget his friends; Smith and Wesson... 8)
  11. Seeing as this thread, or at least the 'In the Line of Fire' bit has come to an end how about these ones?

    WWII. A Brit bomber pilot (forgive me if he's not actually the pilot) goes down with the plane but miraculously doesn't die and has to fight his case in heaven to be allowed to stay alive.

    WWII. A whole US crew go down with their plane in the desert and are stranded for yonks before being 'rescued', all except one who then has to stay there on his own.
  12. A matter of life and death with Sir David Niven.

    A good film.

    Regarding the American one, do you mean the one where they are actually dead and 'disapear as their bodies are dug up to be repatriated?

    Or do you mean Flight of the Pheonix with James Stewart?
  13. The Lady Be Good, story of a B24 that crashed in the desert crew try to walk out. one by one as the body's are found 15 years later the ghosts return to the plane except one who is never found, or something like that. based on a true story
  14. It is interesting that the two stars mentioned are Sir David Niven and James Stewart. Sir David was a Sandhurst graduate who served in WWII and IIRC has a distinguished career, and James Stewart was a combat bomber pilot in WWII and served in the USAF Reserve untill his retirement as a Brigadier General. I recall that at Reagan's inauguration General of the Army Omar Bradley was the last surviving 5 star. Bradley was in a wheelchair at that point and BG Stewart aked to be Bradley's ADC for the event, wheeling him around. Stewart said it was a great honor to do this.
  15. Was Sir David Niven a Commando? I seem to recall reading different versions.

    As for Jimmy Stewart, IIRC he joined the USAF as a private/airman and finshed his active service as a Bomber Pilot who had flown missions over Europe, and was preparing for the possible invasion of Japan until Nagasaki and Horishima ended the war.

    Stewart seemed to be one of the few movie stars noone had anything bad to say about. A genuinly nice guy who was liked and respected by everyone he met. :)

    Other movie stars who fought in WWII included Charles Bronson and Clark Gable(both USAF Tail Gunners)and Lee Marvin(GI). :salut:
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