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Identify a medal in an unusual medal group.

Bee Companeeee


Good afternoon.

I wondered if anyone could assist with identifying the last medal in what appears to be quite a unique group.

The recipient, now sadly deceased, saw service with the British Army from the 1956 onward in amongst other places, Malaya and Aden. On retirement he served with the Overseas Civil service as a British District Officer in The Solomon Islands and Gilbert and Ellice Islands. His last tour was as a Contract Officer with the Barbados Defence Force where he was involved in OP URGENT FURY, the US led invasion of Grenada.

His medals reflect that with GSM(1918), GSM(1962), Regional Security Service Medal(OP URGENT FURY), Barbados General Service Medal and PJM.

It's the last one I can't identify and would welcome any suggestions.


B Coy

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That is Gilbert and Ellice Islands (sp).
Can you give a hint on name as he was District Officer I may well have known him (or his kids )

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