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Identification of WINDPROOF Trousers


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I feel this is going well


Book Reviewer

That’s a fine appreciation of irony you have there :)
Lately, that would be true.

In the daze before CHARLIE ONE NINER I was a stckler for the old sartorials.

Pinstripes, cufflinks, silk tie - in amongst IT Developers in open-toed sandals and cargo trousers - pays huge dividends, unexpected on both sides of the style divide,

Secreted in my COVID-proof hobbit hole, however, I covertly emulate their working dress.

Have worn clogs every day since St Patrick's.

And (consequently) I am running out of cracked heel cream.

Ooooh God! How I yearn for, once again, the feel of sturdy leather Loakes encasing my pedal extremities - but the missus won't let me wear 'em indoors, and in any case, the clatter of the leather soles on laminate flooring keeps me awake . . . .


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I was once issued MTP windproof trousers for operation certain death. Slightly heavier and stiffer so presumably tighter weave than normal green pyjamas. Never wore them but I suppose the thought was there to complement a smock.

Advertise as SAS issue and enjoy the beer tokens.
Heh, you Walt.

'Certain Death'? I was issued some trousers for Operation 'Negligible Peril'.

They were camouflagey and everything and had a natty pocket for boarding passes and a passport.

In fact, I was told that 'MTP' meant 'Must Take Passport'. It replaced 'DPM', which stood for 'Don't Pack Much'.

Man, we were slick. In and out.

Not all of us made it back.

I don't like to talk about it.


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