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Identification of uniform

I'm researching an old soldier buried in our local churchyard. He was RSM of the 1st Royal Dragoons (now RHG/D) in the Crimea and charged with the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava. He was later commissioned in to 1st Dragoons and retired on Captain's half pay in 1871. He was Adjutant of the Worcestershire Yeomanry Cavalry from 1871 -1886.

I have a photo, below. Are there any pundits out there who can say if the uniform (Mess Kit?) is Ist Dragoons or Worcestershire Yeomanry? He was 49 when he retired in 1871 and my guess is he looks younger so that would make the uniform 1st Dragoons - but I would like to be sure.

Any help much appreciated.


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