Identification of old rifle

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wrighty, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Gents, could anyone shed some light on this rifle for me?

    Its not from a dealer, some drunken old farmer in the Ukraine keeps it in his shed. Would like to know if it is collectable and to offer the old bloke a half decent price if it is.

  2. A Daisy BB rifle from the US of A??

    edited to add;

    Sorry, is it a single shot rifle? Does the action break etc?

    Are you working just from a photo or have you handled it youreself?
  3. Photo at the moment, my boss took them. The old geezer swears blind its British from the Crimean war, i highly doubt it but you never know.
  4. If it's from the Crimea it might even be Naval, as there were small raids/landing/sabotage parties.

    Not sure whether rifles were their thing at that time, or whether matelots would still have been more comfortable with cutlasses.
  5. Doesn't look like anything British military. Probably a cheap Belgian/ European trade shotgun or garden gun. Maybe a Flobert.
  6. Looks like a piece of crap to bo honest, more shotgun than rifle
  7. Cheers, yep i'm going with worthless crap atm!
  8. Looks a bit like these:
    well, a cheap and shitty version anyway...
  9. Does look like a cheap garden gun, type used for killing mice and other small vermin.
  10. I think it's a German Army long barreled flare gun, The action most certanly is and I think some were made to fire a small granade only I can't remember the number but they were made by HEBAL from the 1880s
  11. This looks like a mid to late 19th century American rifle. It had a similar 6 cylinder thingy to a Colt pistol.

    The only reason I know this was because I was given a soft pellet type one (fired with plastic caps) as a present in the early 70s.

    As you can guess I'm not very weapon technical :)
  12. Much obliged gents, whatever it is, its certainly not Crimean war stock anyhow!
  13. Tropper is right to a point, that's a Hebel Model 1894 flaregun action & breech and it looks like it's been "Bastardized" into firing .410 or 20 bore with a clamp/screw on homemade Butt.

    I can't really see it being left to shoot it's original calbre as that would be around 4 Bore!

    Though it's possibly a brazed 12 Bore insert, but if I was being sane about it i'd not bother as the pressures involved would mean a faceful of solder and shrapnel after about 20 rounds...
  14. The only one I've seen with a long barrel was a WW1 German Air Force signal / flare launcher for signaling aircraft to land ect. but that didn't have a butt
  15. It doesnt surprise me one bit if it's a dangerously customised flare rifle, this lot would batter anything into fitting a purpose!