Identification of ex-forces homeless

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by StabTiffy2B, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Possibly not the right Forum, but hey.

    Just took a wander down Tottenham court Road and there was a guy sat outside the American Church with a sign declaring he was an ex-Royal Marine and wanting some dosh.

    I wandered over and asked him his service number. He reeled this off as we all do, so I gave him a fiver and bimbled off again. Further down the road I got to thinking that he could have reeled off any old string of numbers and I wouldn't have been any the wiser because I have no idea of the format for Booty Service Numbers and it's not like I could have checked.

    Now, I'm probably worrying about nothing and the bloke (ex-forces or not) was probably in more need of a couple of quid than me, but it does make me think that people could pose as ex-forces and get extra sympathy because of it.

    Any Thoughts?
  2. I believe that they start (or started) with PO and then six digits, but I could be wrong. There must be a Booty or two on here who can tell you for certain.
  3. Starts with PO, then 5 numbers, then ends with a letter.
  4. Thanks guys, but I'm not going to bimble back and start smashing him over the head with a condom machine because he gave me the wrong type of number.

    I was more ofter thoughts on the homeless posing as sqauddies and how to get some more help for proper ex-forces.
  5. I would give any military guy money if they needed it , I am the type of person who believes anything a miltary person tells me .

    OK you may think i am a bit naive but i could not handle the thought of a military guy going with out any food etc

  6. What do you mean by 'more help'? There's quite a lot out there already, but one of the biggest problems is getting genuine ex-forces homeless to ask for/accept help. Many do not seek the help they are entitled to because they are too ashamed to let others (ex-comrades) see how far they have 'fallen' from their own high standards. Or they feel that their situation is somehow their own fault and that others will be more deserving of funds or assistance.

    I have been involved in helping the homeless for more than a decade now and got involved primarily because of the ex-forces homeless situation. It's not so easy to spot the fakes on the streets but most homeless charities and hostels try to put ex-forces personnel in touch with RBL, SSAFA, the Pensions office etc. I've met some people who aren't getting their pensions because they no longer have a bank account/home address/forgot they were now due a pension.

    Here's something you could do - I always carry photocopies of the 'helpline' numbers page that Soldier magazine publishes every month. Highlight the numbers that are for ex-forces (some are for serving soldiers only) and give that out. Most drop-in centres (in London anyway) have internet access/phones for homeless people to use to try to help themselves or contact family. It may not be much but it shows the individual that there are a lot of people out there who do care about him and want to help.
  7. A Police Dr I work with (TA RAMC and Merchant Navy Falklands Vet) always asks for the guys personal weapon serial number and the IA drills. That seems to seperate wheat from chaff

  8. I wouldn't know my weapon serial number. As a reservist, it changed with every tour I was on, and back at the TA centre, my weapon seemed to chang whenever I got a new CO/OC who changed the weapon number order.

    There was a lad who used to beg behind the Royal Courts of Justice who had been a bootneck officer (lieutenant for 3 yrs who never deployed), who left, set up his own business and watched it fail. He had a breakdown because of that and never really recovered. I'm fairly sure he wasn't bluffing
  9. I was made homeless and ended up on a bench and the beach while wife and kids where in B&B. The shame, anger and frustration was enourmous. Not only that, I asked for help and got stuffed by the council.
    Im an amputee, PTSD, depresion etc. The local rep for RBL/SSAFA was bloody useless.
    Not only that I knew nothing about Blesma and I left in 1993! Where was the breifing for a new amputee?
    I could go on, but Im just making another point. By the way, buggered If I know my weapon serial;-)
    Still fighting.
  10. T_T, that is indeed correct. They start with PO and end with a 'M'.
  11. Cheers for the fiver. I take it you were the fat bloke talking shoite and walting that you'd served time to me? Get it all the time. Just cos I'm playing homeless I don't need some walt coming up to me and pretending he knows what. (I gave you my goldcard number). Walts....get them in every walk of life these days....