Ideas Please!

Right folks,

Things are awful quiet on here.........

I have some leave to use up shortly and am happy to spent some of it boosting the forum, but to do that I need to know what the crowd wants.

All suggestions gratefully received, either on the board (Preferably nothing that will need transferring to the Naafi please!) or via PM.

Muchly Cheers,

Pan B
Or we could all jump into our speedos and stilletoes and drop blobs of weld on each others parts :D

Back on to a sporting theme..... I'm doing bollocky starjumps :D
Depends. I've seen Mightys testicles. Anywhoooo, we're ruining Pangurs thread, so get back on topic.

How about synchronised swimming between threads?
Doh wrong thread
Err, thanks for the suggestions - like I said all are gratefully received....
I have given the synchronized swimming serious consideration but have two major reservations:

1. Synchronization amongst a**se members is likley to be minimal, especially when considering the beer intake that many claim. This could lead to an embarassing situation whereby the Other Halves beat the rest of us hands down.

2. The thought of certain members wearing Speedos is just too horrible.

But otherwise a fine idea - any more?
How about long range cuttlefish balancing

or heavyweight almond hurling

Am also happy to judge or judicate any ladies event involving swimwear and rubber attire :D
MDN darlin'

Muchly thanks for your suggestions and drawing lots of attention to my forum....but you can stop now.

Honestly. :lol:


PS: The comments about members in swimming costumes wasnt sexist and referred equally to the girls.

PPS: Anyone else is still encouraged to offer ideas..........of a non-naafi nature!! :roll:
I was only trying to help and be a good boy.

How about an inter forum deep sea ker-plunk championship

or how about the 100yds for people with no sense of direction :D


Kit Reviewer
freefall yoghourt knitting
50 and 100 Litres Freestyle.

Giant game of find the WMD.

Pin the tail on Osama.
Beep sea badger gassing and Bombay tiger tickling not recognised yet then?

Many thanks for all your, er, wonderful suggestions. Unfortunately many are terribly impractical although I will of course, um, giver them, er serious consideration.

For a nanosecond.

If anyone else would like to contribute some more, perhaps 'conventional' input, I'd be very grateful. (Perhaps MDN you could PM me direct if you have another bright idea? Please.)

Ok sorry about that, on a serious note how about

1, synchronised sausage scoffing
2, Mountain womble polishing
3, Milk float derby
4, Lincolnshire lobster walloping
5, hamster stamping

See, can be serious and helpful :D

PT MDN style is never dull and you don't need yer red v necked t shirt
nearly forgot.. Inter regimental lamp post licking


Kit Reviewer
OI ! Mod !

Delete MDN's post because:

1. Is racist. (Inciting the masses to laugh at our German brothers)
2, 4 & 5 Are both animalist and an incitement to animal cruelty.
3 & 4 Are a blatant display of regional discrimination.

All of which happens to be illegal.

If his post is not deleted this instant, (or before,) I'll PM BlondeBint/LandieLady/NobbledTin/whatever else she's calling herself this week and she'll have her Hereford Hooligans round to give you a drop of native carving before she feeds you to her pet CGS/CDS/BBC/ITV.

Go on, get your hands on the delete kit now !
Volvo juggling
High altitude banjo smashing

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