Ideas Please!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DozyBint, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. I was discussing this thread with an unnamed ARRSEr the other day and he put the following to me:

    So, my dear deviant ARRSErs, I want to call his bluff! Bearing in mind that this man dresses as a female at the drop of a hat and is obviously not easily grossed out, what ANYTHING can I tell him to do?

    NB I have NO intention of acting out that clip! 8O
  2. There is nothing Cuts hasn't already done :D
  3. Surprisingly, for once it was neither you nor Cuts who made that comment, Ctauch! :lol:
  4. If he is willing to act it out with you DB he must have the constitution of an ox !!!!!.....
  5. You'd think, but his suggestion did surprise me as he's normally rather pansy-wuss-like. I think that he's been reading too much Cuts / MDN work and is getting ideas above his station!
  6. they are the worse cant trust them!!
  7. Tell him to hang around outside the gates at pompey or plymouth dockyard and accost a fishead back from a gulf tour