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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Cadet_Chandler, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. hi dudes i got a boring camp coming up soon and wanna try something different in terms of trouble

    unfortunatly me and my unit have already done so many outragous things on camp were out of ideas

    so does anyone have any really hardcore/outlandish/wild or plain random ideas of causing trouble at night?
  2. Try bleeding to death in your maggots. Christ on a stick, you write some bone posts, Are you bored and trying to make up for it by writing some of the garbage on this site or are you genuinely interested in this site.
  3. Check your PM's Chandler.
  4. OK This is a really sneaky one. Best thing you can do is for you and your mates to say you are going to camp then not go! Everyone will be really worried all weekend about why you failed to turn up. Well, either that or they will just get on with things and be really glad you are not there.

    As an added bonus you could use the time productively by improving your English. Work on this one first. Which four letter word beginning with T and ending with WAT best describes Cadets like you?
  5. You could all pretend it was a band camp and shove a flute up your arrse.

  7. how about you go get off with your mum Ranger_Danger, she cant be that bad in bed, or i wouldnt of srewed her last night
  8. When in a hole, it's advisable to stop digging.
  9. wat anyone gonna do?

    type shit, send me a load of theatening PMs?
    like i give a crap
  10. No, but with that kind of attitude you look like a prime candidate for an oxygen theif tag.
  11. oohh im just soo scared dude!
  12. As I said in my PM to you, someone will know who you are. Stop digging and leave the site, you depressed little cunt.
  13. I suggest we just ignore the child
  14. oohh so insulted

    get bent dude!
  15. Ask him about his bird, he mentioned something in another forum about her....