Ideas for Xmas Mess Function

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by pregoevents, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. pregoevents

    pregoevents Swinger

    Just wanted to post a few ideas for Xmas Functions for anyone who has been tasked with doing thier Xmas Draw Event. Our big themes this year are

    Dickensian Xmas Street Scene - with Old Style Dickensian Shop Fronts
    Ice Theme - Cold Blue Ice Theme with Penguins and Polar Bears and Ice Slieghs
    Traditional Xmas - More traditional Xmas with trees and thrones and nutcrackers etc.
    Narnia - Enter through our Giant Warbrobe into a snowy Narnia Scene with a Giant Lamp post in the Centre of the Room.

    Of course we are still doing all the old favourites Hollywood, Masquerade, James Bond, Medieval, Space Theme, 70's, Circus, Moulin Rouge, Gangster, and loads more......

    Contact Jamie @ Prego Events for more details on or 07971521049

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  2. natotattie

    natotattie Crow

    Do you supply scenic backdrops of an Afghan sunset complete with the heady aroma of sweat, human faeces and poverty?

    It's just so those personnel on rear party or part of the TA "enablers" can have some action photos to show their grandkids in later life.
  3. billypleased

    billypleased Old-Salt

    You never miss an opportunity to have a dig, I like it.
  4. armr617

    armr617 War Hero

    That's what Photoshop is for!
  5. pregoevents

    pregoevents Swinger

    Not going to pretend i understand the internal banter in the Army but having done 2 years worth of parties i do see those who have been out in Afgan like to let their hair down when they get back and so they should!!!!
  6. PrinceAlbert

    PrinceAlbert Guest

    Pregoevents......I like the name. Do you organise wild orgies with chicks that are "ready to drop"? If so, I'm in!

    Not had the pleasure of a pregnant bird for some time now.
  7. pregoevents

    pregoevents Swinger

    im sure anything can be arrange even for people with twisted minds like yourself......