Ideas for training

new thing from county that noone is to pass a star grade until annual camp. this is supposed to mean that people actually get trained thoroughlly rather than rushed through a sausage mill.
the problem is that there is a danger of boredom, if kids have to do the same lessons over and over agian. it was suggested to me that one thing we could do was teach some stuff that isn't necessarily exactly APC. i took this to mean other stuff like, for example, basic knot tying.
i've already done a couple of lessons of that in my detachment. i have a copy of the dangerous book for boys and was thinking of doing some of the morre practical stuff out of there. (there are no girls, yet, at mine.)
i was also thinking of doing some command task and plan ex type stuff (just to get them thinking). anyone know of a source for these sorts of things?
anyone got any other, sensible/cheap/easy to organise ideas?
Back in my old det we used to do some FISH from time to time, one of the instructors even made some wooden GP's as we olny had Tree actual DP Rifles and a .22. Was quite a cool set up when it was all set out with makeshift terrorists and hostages.

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