Ideas for the perfect weapon system

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bullet_catcher, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. I have been following the LSW vs LMG vs GPMG vs Minimi debate on other threads, and it occurred to me that I might be losing sight of the big picture. Just because the LMG can shoot the horns off a Russian goat at 600 yards (before Vladimir Vladimirovich blows it up with his bazooka from 800 yards) doesn't mean that it is the perfect weapon. So what is?

    My offering: An integrated weapon and platform system. The platform would be a big floating bubble in the air which would house the Future Soldier, his family, and any friends and illegal immigrants he wanted to host or employ. It would deploy the weapon automatically, giving him time to combine his studies with an Open University course. The weapon would isolate the enemy, evaluate his life, and then transport him to an alternative universe where his new circumstances would allow his karma to progress. Does this sound too New Labour?
  2. No. Too dull. What you want is a remote controlled helicopter with flamethrowers.
  3. Or some sort of Big Stompy robot. Could be a whole new Corps in it!
  4. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    No!!! You need some sort of fusion powered uber-hover tank with massive lasers! Although I will admit that the big stompy robot idea sounds fun.
  5. It should be deployable without the soldier ever having to leave his/her rack and have unlimited range and be able to destroy anything with appropriate force depending on the target. And never miss. Or destroy anything it wasn't meant to. And make an excellent wet in the morning.
  6. I know it sounds radical, but we aught to be equiped with robots that transform into banal everyday objects! Maybe with big fucking guns too?

    Toasters and kettles etc...
  7. just make sure that there is a cadet version as well
  8. [​IMG]
  9. John Wayne's pistol.
    It was accurate at up half a mile and had a 2,000 round magazine.

    Failing that a Johnny seven with nuclear grenades and an underslung flamethrower.
  10. Anyone for some T-1000's?
  11. Given that military power is a function of economic power, and a ruined land is a defeated land, I think this may be the perfect weapons system. Here it is, signalling to the nation:

  12. He appears to have just bagged an Angel.

    I like the transformers idea but would go with older military equipment (such as Abbots, Chieftans and Buccaners) rather than domestic household equipment. Oh and swords and axes as well as guns.
  13. Bring back the WRAC. And tell them that the enemy say they've got big backsides...
  14. What about a recoilless 50 cal sniper machine gun with homing bullets a light sabre bayonet. Draught beer and a decent coffee machine underslung of course. Built in iPod touch with all your favourite music, comedy and porn on it. And perhaps even a Fleshlight in the stock.

    Edit: Mong
  15. I was with you until you said press a button, where would you get your beer whilst it is away walting as a laser?