Ideas for prezies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Arrse I need your help!!!!!!!
    Right, Its Sunday evening and my other half turns 30 on Tuesday. I went out gift shopping on Saturday and came back with a new circular saw for myself, it's fab but I think if I tried to give it to her for the big Three Oh, she would use it to remove my family jewels.

    Budget: Up to £200
    Back Ground: She a Nurse, Redhead, Scottish. I'm the toy boy.

    I Need Ideas!!!!!!
  2. Petrol Station Flowers.
  3. Any other birthday that would work, but I think she would insert the flora up my hoop if I tried that one.
  4. give her the circular saw on full revs, she is a nurse so she should be able to treat herself. she is a gwar so it is only fair.
  5. But on the other hand I'm colossal pervert and like redheads.
  6. how about blonde hair dye and some elocution lessons
  7. Fist her gaping arrsehole in Topshop window then crowbar the base of her spine, kiss her tenderly on the lips and announce you're off on a caribou fcuking weekend to Godthab.

    Good luck
  8. buy her some 4x2 and make sawdust together

    i bought my wife a chair but she would not plug it in

    seriously, spa, sauna, manicure, massage. nurses work fuggin ard and deserve pampering and while she is out knock up some shelves.

  9. diamonds, should go down well
    or a rampant rabbit and anne summers clothing

    or one of them expensive nurse belts and a pocket watch
  10. MDN - You're a sick sick man...... though I might ask for some forbiden loving when it's my bithday.

    The Bulter - Good Idea, short listed.

    Suits U - Gadget belts for Nurses? tell me more please.
  11. Get her feck all. That would be a surprise.
  12. do the romance thing, (cheap) romantic walk followed by (cheap) romantic picnic, then spend the 200 nicker on a grade A piss up so good she doesn't remember anything and when asks how good it was in the morning reply fantastic!
  13. A fancy fob watch. They don't cost a lot and you can get it engraved perhaps. Then the £150 on anne-summers and booze!

    T C
  14. marital aids and some cheap argos jewellery. keep the change!
    Alternatively romantic meal at the Harvester/Toby Carvery and a night at the Travelodge. Again ample change left over and everyones a winner!
  15. Typical squaddy replies :D Get her a pamper day as someone suggested. They love it. You've left it a bit late like!