Ideas for Morale box for mate on Herrick.

I've got a mate deployed on Herrick at the moment and I'm after ideas for a care package.

So far I've got a load of German pregnant porn printed off and laminated, a 2 gb mem stick full of grot and some baby wipes. (can you see what I'm getting at here?)

Any suggestions are more than welcome.
A fly swat might come in useful soon. If you want to send something useful.

Otherwise a slice of pizza or a large doner kebab.
i got a mills and boon type erotic fiction book, read it eventually and found it to be a great source of material, its probably the only type of porn that isnt widely available in theatre.

some veet for waxing his balls for R&R, most hilarious for everyone else in the tent when he leaves it on too long
Biltong and a 500Gb or 1 Terabyte external hard drive loaded with movies, series, porn and the drivers to play them.
My mum sent me on Op Herrick 1 a bottle of wine in a glenfidich tin, there was bit of a queue for a few days after that, also the cheese she sent with it had to be flame thrown off the bottle before anyone went near it.But, cheese, loose chocolate, anything that melts generaly, a fresh fish (wont be long) ...but sod the pregy porn get into Jarrods collection and a butt plug he'll love that if anyone is around
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