Ideas for HKG Holiday?


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Help please peeps.

I'm looking at going over to HKG from Bangkok (I'll be in Thailand) in November. Is it expecting too much to do a lot in 4 days or do you realistically need more? Me and the missus hate shopping centres and designer tat, so that's binned. I'm thinking cable car, Macau, Massive Buddha, maybe the Disneyland (unless its shitter than the shitty USA ones) or the water-park and things like that. I'm not really interested in the historical stuff unless its doable. Any ideas or tips appreciated.
Victoria Peak as stated, there is a cracking revolving restaurant on HK island that has great buffet and views at night. Stanley market is ok,not as good as it was but the bus ride out there is quite cool. Noon day gun for a colonial flashback. If you are feeling flush, dinner in the foyer of the Penninsula is pretty special as is breakfast in the Mandarin Oriental. Ultimately if you do nothing more than get the Star Ferry you will still have a great time. Mrs P and I have done the same stop over enroute to Kota Kinabalu and 4 days is plenty of time for the sensory assault of HK! Best of luck


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Star Ferry top and bottom just to see the difference. The junk round the harbour, whilst uber touristy is a good way of seeing the city. The Hutong restaurant on the Kowloon side is (I think) the only Chinese restaurant with a Michelin star. The Big Buddha is either a funky tube/cable car ride away or a bit of a tab but the cable car is worth doing anyway. Chatting to your chums by mobile on the tube is weird but it shows you how well they can make an underground. The Peak up the funicular is worth a trip and the old trams are pretty fun.

Haggling for something that you have no idea about is also a giggle especially if it turns out to be food.
there's a poster on here who's location is honkers. fucked if i can remember what thread i saw it on.

ain't been there for 23 years but lived there fo 7 years.

have a look round cheung chau island. you used to be able to get the ferry, about an hour's journey, just down the road from the connaught building. try asking for "lay doh mar tow". 'tow' as in 'cow'.

lived on the island for 5 years. if you do get there take some piccies and post them up. thanks. have a good trip.
You're thinking of visiting HK and Macau in a 4 day trip? TBH if you're not into Portuguese architecture or the local history then there's not that much to Macau bar the casinos. I'd suggest Shenzhen instead if you want to get out of Honkers. It's got a Seaworld and a museum/theme park made out of an ex-Soviet aircraft carrier.


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I want to stay longer, but the better half wants to keep it short and simple. Macau was sold to me as a Casino Mecca, but to be honest, I can sack that. I can do Seaworld, Museums and the like no problem, but she gets bored at history and culture quite easily (philistine!).

Cheers for the input all.
If you want to do some different things then as Kip suggests definitely take a ferry (fast about 30 mins, slow about an hour) to Cheung Chow. It's a car-free island and very local. Peng Chau is similar but smaller.

Take the free ferry to the Rainbow Restaurant on Lamma - it's a good seafood restaurant and a nice ferry ride.

Kadoorie Farm is interesting, and will get you out to the New Territories, as will the Wetlands Park

Take a tram ride up and down Hong Kong Island - unbeatable value for HK$2. The bell on the website is what the trams use to get people out of the way, and which gives them their Cantonese name of 'ding ding'

The Museum of Coastal Defence is a good day out for history/military buffs.

If you want to do something a bit more energetic n a Saturday or Sunday, I can take you for a short hike of an 30 mins - 1 hour. My favourite spot, a short but intense hill trail, is where over the years I've seen variously:
Wild boar
Barking deer (muntjac)
Feral Oxen and cows
Wolf snake
Burmese python
Red-necked keelback snake
BFO Golden Orb spiders
Porcupine quills (but not the actual porcupine)

Felix Bar on top of the Peninsula gives some stunning view of Hong Kong Island, and the Gents has some of the greatest views of any bog in the World!

You can also check Time Out for things to do.

When you get here buy an Octopus Card for you and SWMBO. It's a stored-value 'ticket' card (I think its like London's 'Oyster') which you can use on all buses, trains, trams, most ferries, and a lot of shops. Buy it from any MTR station and if you need to add value you can do so at a Mccie D's, 7-11 or virtually any other shop chain.

If you want to stay somewhere a bit more 'resorty' than the usual HK hotel have a look at the Gold Coast Hotel. The Gold Coast itself (30 mins by bus from Central) has a nice Mediterranean fell to it, and some good casual restaurants with terraces overlooking the marina. I live about a mile down the road.

I'll add more stuff as I think of it.
Try and catch the Symphony of Lights show - best seen from Kowloon-side. Splash out for drinks or dinner in one of the restaurants in One Peking for good views.

Take the outside lift (which scares the crap out of me) up the Hopewell Centre* in Queen's Road East to Revolving 66 for drinks or a meal and a quick (well, about 40 mins) spin around in the revolving bar and restaurant. The food used to be crap (although haven't been there for a while), but the views are great.

(*As Hong Kong is so hilly, the Hopewell Centre is probably unique in having two ground level entrances - one on the ground floor and one on the 17th floor!)
Dont bother with Disneyland, it is small and expensive - and contrived.
Everyone I know agrees that four days is enough - leave wanting just a little more!

Much good advice has been given and my favourite is to travel the length of the island (Hong Kong) by tram - bliss.

Try taking a 51 bus (Kowloon Motor Bus) from Tseun Wan to Sek Kong and Yuen Long and back - just for the hell of it.

Have fun.
Everyone I know agrees that four days is enough - leave wanting just a little more!

Much good advice has been given and my favourite is to travel the length of the island (Hong Kong) by tram - bliss.

Try taking a 51 bus (Kowloon Motor Bus) from Tseun Wan to Sek Kong and Yuen Long and back - just for the hell of it.

Have fun.
you might want to wear your body armour if there is a queue for said buses or trams as those nice little old chinese ladies 'take no prisoners' when trying to get on them. enjoy! lol.
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