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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabTiffy2B, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Right people. I've finally got round to doing DITs. However, my mind has hit a blank (possibly due to my lack of sleep) on what I would give a theory and skills lesson on.

    What have you done/plan on doing your lessons on? If the ideas are good, I might even steal them :D
  2. I did Magazine Loading for practical - Have also seen using a gas burner, map folding, knot tying and the HAC salute.

    For theory, Section Attacks - saw cap badge histories (one presentation was blatantly proffed from a regi website), and inty things which I didn't really understand.
  3. On my DITs, we were asked by the DS not to do anything military. They've seen it all-over and over, so why not be creative if it's still permitted? I'd suggest if you are given the option, choose a subject you know well, and add a little humour.
  4. For my practical I did making a balloon animal, for keeping young officers/mongs amused (sometimes its difficult/impossible to tell the difference) the OC was in for that one and wasn't best amused by the young officer/mong comments.
  5. I thought about doing a non-military one to make it a bit different, but the joining instructions say to have a "Service, Arm or trade related subject".

    All suggestions gratefully received. Anything to avoid working it out for myself :D
  6. Dogging..... Theres a web site with the 10 commandments on and useless info that is sure to get laughs...... Google search it cos cant remember the address........
  7. Deleted
  8. I did mine (back in the '80s). I was the 1st one that day. The Instructor talked about the various lectures he had had over the years, the bad and the good, and which one he had heard the most and was therefore his most hated; Soviet Badges of Trade and Rank. He then called me up and asked what my lesson was to be. I told him and he just looked at me. I thought I'd failed there and then!

    Did LOAC as my 'proper' lesson.
  9. The lesson has to be military.....but think outside the box!

    Best rule is keep it simple...the easier it is the less than can go wrong.
  10. I did helicopter handling for the skills lesson. Made lots of silly hats from plastic mixing bowls, with rotors and tails sellotaped on, then had a group being controlled in formation round a car park in Donnington....

    Was a shit lesson, to be honest, but I laughed my bollocks off.....
  11. whats your trade Stabtiffy, if I may be so bold as to ask?

    I did the DITS course last year and everything had to be military related. You can discuss what you're going to do when you get there, the DS will let you know what goes and what doesn't.
    In my syndicate most people did changing a plug for the practical lesson but for the theory side of things, most people did something related to their own trade.
  12. At least you're on your DITs!! I should have been on this cycle too, but noooooooo!
  13. Doing a three pin plug on a DIT course not only bores your DS to death but also your fellow students! I know of at least two RTC's who will give you a straight NO! If you even mention doing it as EDIP or Tech skill lesson.
    Think simple effective and interesting if you want a good grade and pick a subject you can demo good question and answer technique. Top tip is to prime a few people to ask you a couple of relevant and irrelevant questions during both of your lessons. If handled well could be the difference between Highly Competent, Competent or Not Competent grades.
  14. :D I think 3 people out of a syndicate of 5 did plugs and one of them was an electrician!! Made for awkward lessons and questions when it got to the last person.
    A big problem is getting hold of equipment to use for all people in the syndicate. If you're going to do anything like radios or anything else like that then you have to get the equipment for anyone. Pain in the culo.
  15. I did my skills lesson on juggling, turned out to be a right laugh. Voice procedure was my other one, managed to walk away with a 2(this was the BIT course).