Ideas for charity endurance events

Evening Gents,

I assume this is the correct place to put this thread, basically I am looking at advice on various endurance events for a fund raising scheme towards the British Heart Foundation. My Grandfather (late the HLI/RHF) died of a cardiac disease not so long ago and I would like to find an event to both really push myself physically and raise lots of money. I am 18 years old and about to begin uni before attending Sandhurst and would like to find an event to do in the intervening years. I've competed in a couple of Olympic Distance triathlons and completed the Edinburgh Marathon in 3.40 hrs so am looking for something different that will really push me, and present an opportunity to get loads of cash towards the BHF. So far I've had a look at the marathon des sables (due to my running background) and Ironman UK but was wondering if anyone else had any ideas of something a bit unusual.

Many thanks for any responses,

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