Ideas for a Sgts Mess function...?

Same old rubbish......curry included

It has always amazed me at the lack of imagination we show when responsible for organising a function.

Up to now it has always been:

Cartoon drawing bloke
Bored photographer
Really shite disco
Tacky group
Painfully slow prize draw
Curry for scoff

Has anybody ever dare break the mould and do something different that worked and is prepared to share the idea?
Do something in drag.

Always brightens my slow evenings, but often gets me thrown out of tescos.
Chav night -

tacky oversized jewellry, burberry themed, tracksuit/leisure suits, baseball caps.

All the gear is available very cheap on e-bay.

Ask a cpouple of the young lads in the block for some gear (clothing) they've all got it.

Prize for best outfit and best dressed guest or guestess?
I have attended some quite outstanding Bavarian nights -oompah band, dancing girls, vast quantities of frothy German ale served in10 gallon glasses. Benches, wenches and typical box head side stalls - nails (if you must) shooting (hmmm better after lagered up) etc etc.

Try it! Millions of Germans can't be wrong!
Went to a James Bond night the other year had a Casino set up with everyone getting chips to play with and who-ever ended up with the biggest pile of chips at the end of the night ended up a fairly decent prize.

And on the entertaiment front had the usual group/disco but also a fella I had seen on several times at the Church and no before anyone asks it was not one of the strippers, it was Stevie Starr

Very amusing watching everyone's reaction of disgust knowing it was going to get worse. And WORSE :twisted:

Speaking of the Church and entertainers, these fellas are also very good as well Triple Cream as are some of the MCs. Some of the material isn't for people who are easily offended so...
Once had a Blitz Night, Big Band, 1940's dress, (some wore there original uniform!!!!) Ration Cards issued, limited Scoff, Pie and Mushy peas etc. Blackouts, hearing the siren meant diving under the table until the all clear, All in all a very good night. Disco was all but useless everyone wanted to listen to and dance to the Band.
Have a Rubik Cube night, everbody has to turn up in something red, blue, white, green,yellow & orange. The aim is for everybody to be dressed in one colour by the end of the night - a few ground rules. 1 item of clothing swapped at a given time and not before and shoes and underwear are off limits!
Oscar nights can be quite good, give each table a theme (ie gangsters, romans etc) and give it all the hollywood ott stuff, red carpet entrance.
Messnights are my speciality. It's what I do for a living. PM me and I'll give you my number.
pyjama parties are novel and good fun
try a medaeval night, fancy dress, jesters for the entertainment, long tables no cutlery. full chickens and pig spitroast for scoff with flagons of beer. Great fun but what a mess in the morning!
Wild west nights are quite good. Get a casino in, one of the bucking broncos in, maybe an arcade 6 shooter, lots of BBQ chicken and curried beans. As previously mentioned James Bond nights are really good. If the guys want to get dressed up you can get in a tux and there are countless Bond baddies. The wives can get glammed up as a Bond girl. Hire in a sports car for the night for photos. Have a casino. Lots of posh food. Bond nights are always a winner.
Try Prego Events - Jamie has sorted out loads of functions with the popular themes (Hollywood, 007, Moulin Rouge, Around The World etc) and some really crazy ones too - recently did a Quadrophenia for Pirbright. He is really easy to work with - he's posted some stuff on here but you can get him on 07971 521049


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What about a tramps ball?


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This isn't another one of those what would it take for you to suck a tramp threads is it?

No, it's a dance.....

(make up your own feckin punchline)
Check out an act called Max Bloodaxe - viking Roadshow. Excellent entertainment and a chance for the women to dress as wenches!
No, it's a dance.....

(make up your own feckin punchline)

Erm...alright then, I will. How about "The dog and I enjoy it but the tramp's getting a bit fed up..."

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