Ideas for a forum for a chiropractic presentation?


Learned people of the medical community, I wonder if you could please help with a request. I recently had chiropractic and acupuncture treatment for a back problem, and the practitioner asked me if there was a relevant services medical forum that she could present to, in order to present some recent trial evidence (and no doubt drum up some business in the process). Do any of you know if:

a. The Medical Services would be receptive to a presentation on chiropractic treatment, and if so:

b. Who she could contact, preferably in the East Midlands area, to start the ball rolling?

I was tempted to just suggest that she writes to DMS at MoD Main Bldg, so unless anybody here has a better idea, I will do that. Any advice appreciated.
Chiropractic and acupuncture are psudosciences. acupunture has been PROVEN to be ineffective.

Pure chiropractic where they talk about subluxations is also complete crap. You are much better off going to a physiotherapist, rather than a snake oil salesman.

I suggest you listen to the "quackcast" podcast to learn more.


I was hoping to get a contact for her rather than debate the efficiency of what she does, but thanks for the advice.

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