Ideas for a bit of justice....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TrooperG, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. It would appear that I have had my email account hacked, and not just by some usual spam thingy, rather personally.

    This morning I started receiving a few emails from old muckers and colleagues asking for an explanation as to why I had sent them all a string of abusive emails. Not amused it turned out that they had indeed received these slaggings from my email address. I then received an email myself telling me that they could keep gaining access to my accounts no matter what I do, and that it would only stop if i arranged somewhere to deposit £500 for them! The necky cunt!

    Well, I don't take kindly to blackmail. I've never been handy with computers and the like, but I do know some chaps who are extremely good! Needless to say after presenting them with the emails and several IP Addresses earlier on today, I now have two addresses in the north London area.

    I'm too far out to pay a visit, however I'm pondering sending someone round to inform them that if a donation of £500 is not made to H4H by tomorrow afternoon then they'll be filled in before being presented to the nearest station with all of the evidence.

  2. Make sure you lumphammer all their fingers to the extent they might as well not have any, THEN nick all their computers
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  3. .
    You're too far out to pay a visit? ... are you a hippy?
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  4. Save £492, get 2 gallons of petrol, one of each address, 2 boxes of matches, job done. Make sure that they're in first though ;-)
  5. Make sure you post your troubles on the internet therefore allowing any potential hackers to learn your ARRSE username too.

    Get yourself to the London addresses so I can read in tomorrow's newspapers about your untimely death due to shanking.
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    Post the two addresses on here and see what the power of ARRSE can do for you.
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  7. Yeah maaaaaan...
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    You should email back and arrange to drop the 500 quid off somewhere. When a pale, spotty, huge right armed computer nerd tips up, kick him straight in the face.
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  9. Separate email account old boy, and the thought of being beaten to death with a lamb shank isn't all that bad....
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  10. Too far away? You live in the UK how is anything too far away? Just drive to London or wherever and batter the cunts yourself. How fucking hard could it be,ffs?
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm in North London, I'd offer to go round and sort them out with a hammer drill if I could be arsed.

    But I can't.

  12. I'll do it if you pay my airfares,accommodation and pay me 500 of your British pounds. Just send me your account details.
  13. Cheers but I do feel this may not be a beneficial deal for me, may be gone some time, I'm off to collect some roadkill and shit in a jiffy bag just to get things started. I'll need a bloody good box to avoid the courier refusing.
  14. Thought this was a thread started by the Justice Minister and welcoming my idea about opening a new stone quarry on South Georgia.
  15. Or like I said before, drive over there and do the fucking job yourself.