Ideal Pin Man?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sapper D., Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Got to be Ronnie Corbett.

    Too short to even help the scivers on the bottom panels!

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  2. Or the ones on the top panel who only pretended to lift!

    I'd have thought Ronnie was more of a clip man than a pin man though
  3. Yep. You are right, a pin would be too heavy foor good old Ron. :)
  4. yeah, centre of bridge too, the little drag arsse!
  5. Strap a torch to his head and use him as a beta light..... that's about it.
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  6. WTF Wee Ronnie was a Crab Orficer during national service so he would never have been any use to us apart from being a stop man or switching the BV's on.

    He would probably have been good entertainmaint though for troop smokers ie Dwarf throwing
  7. Don't mention "dwarf thr****g".
    Last sadsak who did that got touched up by the Beefeaters, all the way down under...
  8. Hasn't the job been re-named to "Pin Burd", seeing as its about all they can lift on a bridge site?
  9. Do women attempt to build MGB?


    Christ, I am big but it nearly killed me at times.

    Wrecked my back and knees, anyroad. Especially those fantastic 5 - bay monsters for section comtetions.
  10. 5 Bay monsters ? FFS you are a girl
    You obviously never built HGOB with only half a section and why did the beefeaters touch your dwarf ?
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  11. HGOB were real bastards.
    My hardest moments were wriggling up and down, on a top panel, knackered and soaking wet, when the pin just would not get in.
    Sweet memories.
    Beefeaters - dwarf - wolrd cup rugby - the windsors - the tower.

    Whilst they are at it, take half of the English team back to the tower. They could had so much better, damn 'em!
  12. I remember on my B3 course we had a lass that was only 5 foot and a fag end. It was pretty amusing watching her try helping with the MGOB, it was pretty much on her shoulders while everyone else had it at waist height. She quickly got fucked off to permanent pin man.
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  14. Or a 15 bay double storey
  15. With Pier. Nowt better on a frosty morning picking up a lifting bar with no gloves, only to find you can't put it down again. Doing a gallop across the plains of Canada, reverse stripping as you go.