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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lechies, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Chaps/Chapesses,

    Very shortly one of my lads will be leaving our company after 15 years and 5 years after he should have retired. He's been a superb employee and I'd love to get him something personal from me to him not just what the company will buy which will be pants no matter what it is.

    He's ex RAOC and an Aden vet, I've looked at various regimental websites who do the bog standard figures etc but I really want something special for him. I'd considered sending him to Geneva for some Euthenasia as he'll only become a waste of oxygen after he's finished but he's resisting that suggestion.

    So, does anyone know a reputable Military gift maker who can make something a bit special for him, a little thank you from me to him. Suggestions much appreciated.

    P.S. Commemoration medals are a no no, he hates them more than I do, help, please.
  2. Just give him a reach around it sounds like you want him :p

    Are you handy yourself? could you not make something? Get hold of one of the larger brass cases buff it up and engrave it?
  3. Er no, anyway he's really old, he probably wouldn't get it going. Nope, he's been a great employee, funny as f*ck, absolutely nil PC and some of his stories have had the unit cracked up with laughter. I had thought of Brasses, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a wooden SLR butt if anyone knows someone with one for sale, I was bidding for one on flea bay but got beaten to it as I couldn't get logged on in time as the auction ended. I still like the idea of Euthenasia but he's having none of it.
  4. Bread maker?
  5. I have a box of 100% genuine Aden sand (or I will have if you offer to buy it, just got to nip to Wickes's )
    Will that do?
  6. Really, though, try Googling RAOCONLINE, and visit their PRI Shop for all RAOC goodies.
  7. I once saw a chap make a leaving present to the Sqn.

    He decided to make a paperweight with his own design, he acquired a load of acrylic resin mixture and laid a rather nice turd to be the centre piece of this work of art.
    He poured the base just short of a foot long and 4 inches wide and put the turd in situ along with a cap badge and adorned it with pfenning's of various denominations with a light dusting of glitter.

    He then filled the rest of the mold encasing the turd and trinkets.

    However his plan fell a little short, in his haste to finish this work of art he did not allow the turd to dry out properly. When the resin was setting, it took the colour out of the turd and turned the top half of the mold into a chocolate cloud.
    So if do go down this route, do dry your turd out completely and add cap badge to suit.

    I hope this has been of some help..
  8. How about a stack of blankets?
  9. Lechies,

    The RLC Museum shop catatlogue can be found here
    They have some RAOC stuff. You could also try Gracie Framing, they can do six inch embriodered Corps and rank badges in a frame.