Ideal drinking buddies

Okay, your in the bar sat around the table with 4 others who you consider to be the ideal drinking gang, dead or alive - who are they?
I'd choose
1. Billy Connolly
2. Winston Churchill
3. Prince Phillip
4. Brian Clough

time to get the beers in.
1. Vladimir Peniakoff, aka Popski, of Popskis' Private Army - the best WW2 book I have ever read
2. Vivian Stanshall
3. Louise Brookes, 1920s screen Goddess
4. The twat that has kept SPYGLASS and its gargantuan admin chain in service...bloody airbottles in this day and age, ask the sodding Fire Brigade what TI is like today mutter mutter grumble curse God I'd put him right
1. TE Lawrence
2. My pa
3. Shaka
4. Cecil Rhodes

or, if I was in a less serious mood

1. Billy Connolly
2. POD (just to drool over)
3. Keith Moon (Irish Rugby captain to tap off with later - yup, like 'em big and interesting looking........)
4. Baldrick, to get the rounds in.
#1 - Ernest Hemingway
#2 - Casius Clay / Muhammad Ali (might not drink a lot)
#3 - Michael Palin
#4 - Andie McDowell
bill bailey
johnny vegas
ronnie barker
Oliver Cromwell
Ayatollah Khomeini
Lord and Lady Whiteadder
Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson

Very interesting conversation and a very very cheap round :lol:
jack dee
lee evans
tony blair (so it would b easier to kick the sh*t out of him when hes drunk)
and.. ermmm...
ricky gervais
Ollie Reed

Tony Benn

John F. Kennedy

Sir Mike Jackson

Jake, he's right :D :D

Can't be coincidence that the top of your list is dead, did you bore him to death :D
My oppo Tom (everyday is a full moon for him)
The Big Yin (Billy Connolly)
John 'awfully british' Cleese
Jo Brand (to ensure there is loads of sexist banter)

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