Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sam_Fisher, Jan 13, 2003.

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  1. If you could have any performers poss who would you have to do a show in the desert. 1 compere, 1 comedian, 2 groups and one speciality act. Come on guys and girls I am sure this could be good
  2. Compere: Jonathon King
    Comedian: Michael Barrymore
    Grp 1: S Club Juniors
    Grp 2: Menudo
    Spec Act: Roger Cook (of the Cook Report) to investigate the back-stage goings on and to get tw@atted when taking his camera to film it  ;D
  3. Compere and Comedian - Bob Monkhouse . He is incredibly funny, and ever so errrrr risque

    Groups... Rolling Stones to get you in the mood for war, and Bond, for some culture  ;D

    Speciality act? - Geoff Hoons ' "Believe it or not" a collection of strange tales, bound together for your entertainment.....
  4. PTP, you are either very, very old or very, very, VERY stoned ;D
  5. lol

    I love the Stones, it takes me right back to Nam

    well Chelt-Nam actually, but it's like music for the fighting generation. Unless you want to look at what was in the charts in 82 and 91? Nahhhhh didn't think so -  ;D
  6. Compere: Lee Evans
    Comedian: Roy 'Chubby' Brown
    Grp 1: Sex Pistols
    Grp 2: Pete Tong
    Spec Act: Paul Daniels and his wife Debbie McGee (cos she'd get it !)
  7. Debbie Mcgee would get it...........with a claw hammer ;D
  8. Surely you are forgetting the delights of TATU, the eastern european two girl band of 17 and 18 who openly profess to be 'deeply involved' with one another and frequently overrun shows by showing how 'deep' into each other they actually do go!
  9. Compere - Jim Davidson
    Gp1 - girls Aloud cause some can't sing (geordie girl)
    gp 2 - James Brown ( his music always appears in US war films!!)
    Special Act - T Blair & G.Bush don't have to do anything just to show how much our troops appreciate them, then they can lead from the front!!!
  10. Compere: Jimmy Tarbuck      
    Comedian: John Prescott
    Grp 1: Gary Glitter
    Grp 2: Pete Townsend and The Who (sentance pending)
    Spec Act: Ozzie Osbourne
  11. Gunny-
    with a line up like that surely the compere could be Michael Barrymore? aplogogies just re-read Woopert already got him.. how about Graham Norton?
  12. Double compare, Jimmy and Mikey !
  13. How about the Bar Manager as compere.

    Speciality act. Mr Methane

    Group 1. Brother Beyond. ( for all the girls)

    Group 2. Bananrama.

    Comedian. The entire cast from the Fast Show
  14. I thought that had already happened to her in Detmold ;D
  15. All very valid suggestions however, you have all obviously overlooked one thing..... I may be going. Therefore this rules out any possibility of chicks like Geri Halliwell turning up in her pants. There can only be one possible line up for this event and it is as follows:

    Compere: COLON Powell (he wasn't there last time and is desperate for a medal)

    Comedian: Tony F*&%ing Blair (Nuff Said)

    Band 1: Those Tosspots that did the birdy song or some equally pointless tune that involves groups of people standing in rows doing 'SUPERMAN'

    Band 2: Rik Waller (Back from his worldwind tour of Afghanistan annoying the troops there)

    Speciality Act: The Krankies (What can I say other than 'FANDABBIDOZY)

    This entertainment just about sums up the attitudes of those incompetents whose idea it was to send us everywhere in the first place