Idea for a new infantry weapon


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Here's mine. Only serious difference is that the receiver, barrel, magazine and fore-end are all bigger . . . . . . to take a man-sized round. 7.62 to be precise.



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No point having a sight like that if you cant shoot pal.
Who the fuck are you? Are you the newest ARRSE troll, or is this a wah? Either way . . . . cunty cunt.
Oh baby...

7.62, Bullpup, foregrip/bipod, curved stock for good marksmans' grip, and BFO bayonet.


Our SF have these now,but I want one too!

That's an airsofters' wet dream, I bet e-bay is hotting up about now.
I mean the real thing,not some plastic rip off for grown up children!

P.S, but only as a back up as I'm a Minimi-gunner................

Ahhh there's my taxi!

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