IDD pay rise?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lancejackg, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a TA soldier currently serving in Iraq with a regular unit and on my pay statements it says my IDD was due on the 1st aug 05-so far i haven't seen anything.
    Upon asking the clerks to have a look into this i got fobbed off several times but then i was told it was due to MCM div waiting on my CR.

    How true is the last excuse?
    If it is the case why is it called an Incrimental Due Date?

    secondly a young TA soldier out here with me bounced a cheque (silly i know),
    He then had it taken out of his pay the next month, But additionally £13 was taken out as a "bank charge". Since his bank charged him as well it doesn't seem very fair (I know he cocked up but stupidity isn't against the rules).
    call me picky but last time i checked if i bounce a cheque i get charged not the payee?
    if this is the case isn't this illegal as its gaining money by deception?

    any help with these would be greatly appreciated,
    many thanks
  2. I don't think IDD increase is based on ur CR if you are in the TA, I think its just given if you passed Fit For Role last April (or in English got your bounty).

    p.s. If you don't get a reply try the AGC thread, I've had very prompt replies on P2K questions.
  3. PM me your details and I will check today for you. Also your mates cheque charges.
  4. If he cashed a cheque, he would have signed a declaration on the reverse authorising the recovery of its value and associated charges from his pay. Like you say, stupidity isn't against the rules, but bouncing cheques is.
  5. thanks for all the advice and help guys.
  6. If you pay a cheque into your account and it bounces the bank usually chatres both parties. Add to that the administrative overhead of recovering the money from the individual's pay account and that is where the charges come from. Last I heard though the charges were about £4.70 I think - so not sure where the £13 comes from - unless there was more than 1 cheque?
  7. LJG,
    Several points:
    1. MCM are waiting on a CR before you can get your IDD, a first reminder was sent out on 28 Sep. However this raises further issues.
    a. Why wasn't a reminder sent out 1 month before the IDD ?
    b. This is the grey area, as TA do you receive CR's ?

    Do reg soldiers need confirmation by their CO that they can receive the IDD ?

    Sorry this raises more questions than answers but I would imagine there are many mobilized TA soldiers in the same position as yourself.