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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hmmm, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. I am currently attempting the iDave diet with quite successful results. The only problem I have is that I am working from a small summary sheet of the diet. Does anybody have a more substantial version of the diet plan they could PM me please?
  2. I wouldn't take it all literally. There's no reason why wholegrain bread, rice or pasta should be avoided if you're exercising. They're much lower on the GI index than their white equivalents and without them, having looked at that diet, I reckon you'll be struggling for energy if you plan on doing any phys.

    Any diet that takes it's only real carb intake from veg is not going to sustain energy levels and, while you'll lose weight pretty easily on that diet it'll just be "shock" weight loss. As soon as you start taking in carbs again (and eventually you'll have to if you plan on staying awake after a jog) then the weight will pile back on.

    Just take on wholegrain in sensible amounts on top of what's recommended on that diet and you should be grand I reckon.
  3. Thanks DC. After 4 weeks I went from 85 to 77 kilo and I have not put any back on since. I feel much healthier and fitter.
    BB I just followed the advice about pre/post exercise carbs but to be fair I never did any really strenuous stuff.
  4. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    My only carbs are beans on toast an hour before the gym. Your body does get used to not having them. No energy problems at all. The only reason I'm going back on them is for a growth period over the next couple of months.
  5. What about vitamins & minerals? I did the Atkins some time ago and it was very successful. Any diet that allows me to have bacon & eggs for breakfast as well as joined-up meat at other times of the day has my vote! However, my potassium balance went out of kilter and as I have heart issues, my doctor told me to stop. There are certain similarities to the Atkins Diet, which does not have the pulses, legumes etc. Have you heard of similar issues with this diet?
  6. Not true. I did 6 months without carbs on H16. 3 phys sessions a day, took a minute off my pft time, more than doubled my max heaves and added 30Kg to my bench press pb.

    The body very very quickly gets used to it (or at least mine did but I know Im not alone). Muscle & Fitness mag regularly do good articles on carb cycling, periodic fasting and the like, may be worth a read to the OP
  7. Not sure why i diet but I do sometimes- at 50 I should just grow old gracefully and I have a BMI of 24.5. Even then the Doc said I should lose about 5 kilos- sometimes I think they just make it up! After about 10 days of Atkins I had no oomf whatsoever and was suffering on hill walks. Re-introduced a bit of carb and immediately felt better- I think the diet caters for couch potatoes not those who are physically active.

    I think it's everything in moderation as opposed to shocking the system personally- I allow myself one treat ( pizza, cheese burger or curry, etc) and just cut back on the beer ( not an issue for those of you on deployment though! I'll have a proper read through iDave later.
  8. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Yeh. That's what I'm doing at the moment. Just come off a couple of months of no carbs, no red meat and a lot of cardio. Some lifting. Shifted a stone and a bit and got better toned up but decided I wasn't big enough, so back on the carbs red meat and calorie overload. Smash the lifting, go back to current diet after 12 weeks and see what comes out :)
  9. I agree with Bingobongo we can take the food we like but in moderation.Going over the top in anything is obviously bad.Anyway what i feel is,You should prefer taking clean food like vegetables and fruits at the same time take food you like but in a lil amount.Keep yourself physically active that is the key of health.