ID Will Be Needed to Buy Mobile Phones?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Are they seriously considering trying to implement something like this? Never mind that the scheme as a whole is almost certainly technically unworkable and likely to degenerate into the usual governmental IT program cluster**** the civil liberties aspect is just staggering. I'm assuming that something like this would require new legislation to be passed so I can but hope that the House of Lords tears in to shreds the moment it passes to the Upper House.

    The fact that they'd even consider trying to introduce something like this makes me really look forward to the third of June 2010.
  2. What a catastrophic waste of tax payers money this would be. No wonder we're almost bankrupt. Par for the course with this bloody government.
    We really do not need a society like this.
    I think the problem with this lot is that they measure everyone else by their own dismal standards and act accordingly:
    Don't trust anyone.
    Lie to the electorate.
    Make unworkable laws.
    Shackle the justice system and the Police Forces with paperwork and politically correct nonsense.
    Cheat the taxpayer with outrageous expenses claims and backhanders for themselves when everyone else is having to tighten their belts.
    Create a system where is is easier for people to sit around on their backsides all day with no responsibilities that to go out and get a job.
    Create a culture of no win-no fee law.
    They really are a right load of villains. I hesitate to use a word as strong as hate for anyone, but I really do hate this goverment.
    I too can't wait to register my disgust at the ballot box.
  3. Having spoke to someone of dubious character, They say if they want an anonymous phone they will pay a junkie to buy them one and then say they have lost it if the old bill ever get around to tracing it.
  4. Great - Another window to be fcuked by ID theft.
  5. having worked in a lot of cuntries this isn't really surprising. An example, in Russia buying a train ticket needs a passport, so does a phone simcard, plane ticket,the list goes on.
    The idea is sound, based on internal security. But with all the best will in the world the information is no good to anyone unless they can assimilate the information before any threat to security can be organised (Look at 9/11 in the US)

    a waste of time and money

    just a point I noticed, the UK has around 68m people, but 72m mobile phones?

    edited for red wine based dyslexia
  6. It was only 60 million last week have we been breeding that fast?
  7. Why don't they just come out with it and insist that everyone must have a monitoring chip installed!

    So much for this being a free society.

    if they were to put the tens of billions they are spending on internal repression on the NHS, far more lives would be saved than we would lose to terrorists.
  8. National Statistics Online

    UK population grows to 60,975,000 - mid 2007.

    And I have two mobile phones. One for work. One for private calls.
  9. Every phonecall I make will reference Jihad, death to the infidels and bringing down this government.
  10. OK! It was a SWAG, combined with the best red vino collapso Chile has to offer, but it emphasises my point even more, 72m phones and 60m people is even worse! own up, who's got the other 12 million phones??
  11. Perhaps 12 million people have an extra phone each?
    I know a few people with more than one phone so I don't think it's that unusual.
    I also have an old sim card that is still registered. I lost the phone, got myself new one (it was old after all) and then found the old one again. I could still use it if I wished as it has a couple of quid credit left, so technically I actually have three phones.
  12. 11999996 left to account for (I've got one!)
  13. At first I thought, "That's not a bad idea - at least it has a chance to cut down some crime." But then I realised that it's only the dim crims who use their own phone that would be collared.

    It could well lead to an increase in phone thefts, passport thefts etc., as crims seek to obtain mobiles. From an international terrorism viewpoint, it would be a flop as it doesn't seem to target phones brought in from abroad.

    I don't have a problem with my details being included on a national database - as a contract customer, they're already there anyway - but if loopholes are to be plugged, it's no use leaving some open.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I hve to agree that in the great british tradition of protest that when this and e-mail monitoring comes in. then everyone sends at least ten texts and e-mails a day and makes at least a couple of phone calls a day using "key phrases".

    the detection system will be fcuked within a week.
  15. I'll go for a day, how could they afford to monitor that many? and if they can then they should be spending it on the boys in the firing line