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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Swamp_Rat, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. A septic described this as a British anti-tank rifle. Can anyone ID and clarify;

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  2. Finnish Lahti M39 20mm anti tank rifle. Fires from a 10 round box magazine on top.
  3. Agreed. You can see it with mag fitted here:
    The muzzle brake looks very modern, at first I thought it was a modern addition but it seems to be of the original pattern.
  4. auuuuussum.
  5. pity the sod who has to drag that bloody thing about
  6. Why has that bloke got a photoshopped head ?
  7. he hasnt its just very suntanned unlike his pasty arms and as for the obvious seam round his neck then that was where he had a tragic accident you insensitive git
  8. Maybe, instead of "black nasty" over they eyes, it's the latest hi-tech way for "THEM" to disguise themselves - put some obvious mongs head on the piccy.
  9. Looks photoshopped to me too
  10. pity the poor bloke that has to fire the damn thing.

  12. I wonder what your grouping's like in the standing position?
  13. looks like is origins came from the boyse anti tank rifle-british wwii.
  14. definitely photoshopped, you can see the shadow is all wrong.. what is he, come kind of Yank walt bigging up his "Home defence" Weapon stash?
  15. Who cares about a grouping?
    20mm? Between the eyes, in the leg, even a near miss past the head
    THAT my lads is a man stopper